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Decreasing In Self

He must increase, but I must decrease - John 3:30

Decreasing In Self
Decreasing In Self

Where do you stand? Are you the same individual you were at the beginning of 2019? What has changed in your relationship with Christ in the last year? Which battles did you face? Are you decreasing in your life and God increasing?

For me, 2019 was a transformational year. My desire was to increase more in God and decrease more in self. Moreover, I understood this transformation would mean letting go of certain things that meant a lot to me. I never considered it would also mean letting go of some relationships, which is certainly the hardest thing to do. Detaching myself from people I have known for a long time was emotionally painful. It was in 2019, I received revelation about what it meant to decrease so God could increase.

Longing for God

After every challenge in life, we arrive at a new step. As Christians, we don’t go through challenges alone. We go through it with God. We are equipped with the amour of God. And we stand in truth taking the shield of faith along (Ephesians 6). It is through our challenges we discover God anew. Furthermore, as our intimacy with God grows stronger, God opens our eyes to understand his instructions. By understanding His instructions, we find out what God wants us to let go of. Then, it’s up to us whether we are ready to obey His instructions or not.

It is through letting go of something or someone,  we decrease and God increases. Decreasing means letting go of our desires. Additionally, decreasing means letting go of our self. Decreasing in self leads to increasing in Christ.

Trusting God

2019 brought many different challenges along. Regardless, I didn’t go through these challenges alone. God was constantly with me in every single challenge. The more I grew through each challenge, the more I understood who God is in my life. Thus, I started longing for more of God and less of me.

The moment you taste the goodness of God you won’t want anything else! Nothing stays the same. It may mean to letting go of someone precious to you, but it’s worth it.

Trust God when He says let go, He knows why!

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