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Dedicated Christ-centered School Curriculum With Christian Light Education

A dedication to the development and distribution of Christian materials to spread the Gospel and evangelize the lost.

Dedicated Christ-centered School Curriculum With Christian Light Education
Dedicated Christ-centered School Curriculum With Christian Light Education

Training a child is part of scriptural doctrine. We are instructed to bring up a child and teach them the way to go. This not only applies to instilling Christian values but to give them knowledge about the world around them. When educating a child, all involved want to ensure the curriculum is instructive, up to date, and has value-centered teaching. Education centers like Christian Light Education help schools, teachers, parents, and students in the learning process.

What is Christian Light Education?

Christian Light Publication is a literature ministry for Christian educators. They have been around since 1969, developing books, pamphlets, and tracts for the ministry across the US and Canada. Christian Light Education is a division of Christian Light Publication that provides high-quality education materials for Christian schools and homeschools.

What Curriculum Do They Offer?

Christian Light Education offers multi-grade teaching and study materials for private Christian schools.

    • Grade Level – From Preschool through Grade 12, CLE has a complete curriculum, from teaching materials to support items. The designers develop courses for multiple teaching environments: traditional classroom, individual teaching, and homeschooling.
    • Subject Oriented – The teaching programs include six core subjects for instructing students: Reading, Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Bible.
    • Elective Material – Christian Light Education also offers an extensive list of elective courses teaching like: Art, Music, and Foreign Language for Elementary and High School, Computer, Consumer Math, and Home Economics. Advanced electives for High School students include Accounting, Auto Fundamentals, Carpentry, Woodworking, and Foreign Language.
    • Homeschooling – The material used for classroom study can also be used within a Homeschool setting. Just as there is a training course for teachers, there is a training course for parents/teachers. There are also Workshops for Homeschoolers.
    • Diagnostic Testing – Learning is a progression. And to judge where to place a student is crucial to the learning process. Testing must take place to determine how well a student knows a subject; then they can be placed with a course level that is challenging, but not overpowering.

How Christian Light Education Benefits Schools

Christian Light Education not only provides the source material, but they are also available for other services to Christian Schools.

    • Teacher Training – In addition to the course material, teachers receive a training guide to help them instruct their students. This course provides a certificate of completion.
    • Record Keeping – Record keeping support comes in the form of quarterly progress reports as well as report cards for each student. They also provide diplomas for 8th-grade graduation as well as for the High School graduate. College applicants can also obtain a Transcript of their schoolwork.
    • Workshops – A Workshop is a gathering supported by Christian Light Education where they tour around the US and Canada to support those who are educating students through CLE curriculum.
    • Work at Pace – This is especially beneficial for a student who works at their own pace. Once they complete a program level, they advance onto the next one. This can also happen on the reverse end. If a student has not completed the course work by the end of the school year, they can pick up where they left off the next school year.

The Final Word

In addition to their work in the United States, Christian Light Education offers curricular programs for Canadian Studies in Math and Social Studies.

For over 40 years, CLE has been providing schools, teachers, and parents/teachers with solid Christ-centered learning material. CLE is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools, and the curriculum meets the standards outlined. Most colleges and universities accept the diploma received, and the designed course work prepares students for a college education.



Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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