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Depression And Anxiety Aren’t Your Identity. You Are Not Alone

Jesus can heal your darkest thoughts as you face your fears

Depression And Anxiety Aren’t Your Identity. You Are Not Alone
Depression And Anxiety Aren’t Your Identity. You Are Not Alone

Depression and anxiety are very real challenges in today’s world. Have you ever been around what seems like 1 million people and feel like you’re nothing but alone inside? I’ve been there. It’s a dark place. A place of insecurity, and depression.

Looking around and seeing so many faces only to feel lost in the crowd. It is not abnormal, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people around the globe right now suffering from the same feeling of loneliness.

Don’t HIDE IT AND NEVER BE ASHAMED OF IT. Tell someone, like right now. You aren’t alone and you never will be.  You have so much potential and a purpose in your life, whether you see it or not.

Anxiety is tough. It can physically drain you and make you feel belittled if you let it. But always remember, Anxiety is a symptom… Depression is a feeling and neither one of them are your identity.

They CAN be treated and you CAN get better. That feeling of panic in your chest that makes you sick to your stomach and that vision of a blurry road will soon clear up. You won’t feel it forever.

That feeling of emptiness and a life of what seems like constant misery will go away. Because that’s what faith can do. When you believe that your faith will win, it will. Jesus can heal your darkest thoughts and deepest misery. He died to ensure your life in eternity! He loves you and will never let you go.

So whether you have faith in Jesus or are still fighting to find the truth, I’m standing with you and praying with you. I encourage you to reach out to a trusted friend, parent, teacher or pastor and seek treatment.

We are losing so many to suicide and HAVE to get BETTER TOGETHER! Reach out, fight together and pursue GREATNESS!

“You are special, you are loved, a perfect reflection of Heaven above. God makes no mistakes, YOU ARE A MIRACLE STORY.” – Matty Mullins.

You truly can succeed in any aspect of your life as long as you believe in yourself, never give up and follow your faith through your actions. God can change you and I believe He will… Once you make up your mind to get better and pursue greatness.

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