WATCH: Desperate for a Miracle: Muslim-Turned-Christian Leader Gives Heartbreaking Farewell As Cancer Battle Nears Defeat | GOD TV

WATCH: Desperate for a Miracle: Muslim-Turned-Christian Leader Gives Heartbreaking Farewell As Cancer Battle Nears Defeat

It's time to rally in prayer for him...

Muslim-Turned-Christian Leader Gives Heartbreaking Farewell As Cancer Battle Nears Defeat

Thirty-four year old Pakistani American Christian Apologist Nabeel Qureshi recently announced that the latest radiation treatment in his harrowing battle with an aggressive form of stage IV stomach cancer didn’t work. While the primary tumor has shrunk, the cancer has spread to other lymph nodes in his chest, excluding him as a candidate for potentially life-saving surgery.

Even though Qureshi admits that he doesn’t know what’s next, he remains confident in his belief that his healing will be a testament of God’s glory. Watch this awe-inspiring video to get a glimpse of the profound faith of this Muslim-turned-Christian, who makes a tear-jerking, humble plea to God

Keeping the Faith

Famed author of No God but One: Allah or Jesus? and Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Qureshi is known for his candid prose about his transition from Islam to Christianity. He is also a traveling speaker, professing the word of God in front of thousands. The content of his lectures is informed by his medical training as well as his Judeo-Christian studies at Oxford University. He has influenced the lives of thousands, and now even more so than ever, as he remains faithful in the valley of the shadow of death.

Qureshi is convinced that God’s intention and character hasn’t changed since He walked the Earth, healing the sick and even raising Lazarus from the dead. Even though mainstream medicine gives him less than a one percent chance for survival, Qureshi and his followers remain convinced that God can and will heal him – especially for the sake of Qureshi’s young daughter.

The Dream

Recently, Qureshi shared a dream in which he saw Christ. This dream brought him great solace and joy, as he realized how much His Heavenly Father cares for him. In the dream, he saw a 30-year-old Jesus who hugged him and mentioned something about a baby and a sponge bath. When Qureshi awoke, he attempted to give his young daughter a sponge bath, but she inexplicably yelled and struggled. He was unable to cleanse her.

Qureshi discovered that he was like his daughter. He was fighting so hard against the disease, making it difficult for God to cleanse and heal him. Admittedly “terrified” of his disease, he decided to relax into the arms of his Heavenly Father.

The Prayer

After Qureshi delivered the news that his radiation didn’t work, he led his viewers in a profound prayer:

“God you put me last August in a place where I had 4 percent hope in medical treatment. And now I’m close to zero percent hope in medical treatment. Lord, I throw myself upon you even more. I ask for your mercy, God. I know that you are a miracle-working God. I know your will is for life and life to the full. I know that you intend to heal … I’m asking mainly for my daughter’s sake … I don’t think a daughter should be without her father. And so we ask the perfect Father, who is merciful and good. We ask you to have mercy, and to give us this good outcome of miraculous healing … Give me the strength to endure, God. Increase my faith … For your glory, Lord, may we see this miracle done.”

Continuing the Mission

As Qureshi faces the prospect of more treatment, he remains steadfast in his desire to grow the Kingdom of God. He has created crowdfunding opportunities for his online ministry as well as his treatment. Most of all, Qureshi needs continued prayer. If he is healed, it will be because God moved. And God CAN move – swiftly and powerfully.

If you faced the prospect of imminent death, how you would you respond? No matter your struggle, cast it on your Heavenly Father, who deeply and intimately cares for you.

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