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Destroy The Force Of Fear: Part 1

You have the antidote to fear in your heart and mind!

Destroy The Force Of Fear: Part 1
Destroy The Force Of Fear: Part 1

God never created man to be afraid. From the beginning, man had access to God with ease. No fears. No worries until man sinned and fear took over his being. “…I heard thy voice…and I was afraid…”  (Genesis 3:10) Fear is the result of sin and should be dealt with just as you deal with sin.

In our text above, God promises to do some awesome things in your life. However, one thing that can hinder or hold back the manifestations of these awesome things is FEAR. Fear is that sense or awareness of pain, penalty, and punishment as a result of sin, or wrong walk, or words, or works.

When fear holds you hostage, it makes you look down at yourself. It makes you see your vulnerable parts. It makes you hide your best gifts and graces.

Free of Fear

Fear has been proven to be the cause of over 80% of all sickness and disease. In fact, it is the cause of the failure of most of our body organs. Jesus said that fear is the cause of heart failure (see Luke 21:26). Before you suffer another heart attack or organ failure, you must deal fear a fatal blow.

How do you deal with it? From our text, God commands us to FEAR NOT! That is a command not a suggestion. So tell your heart, “FEAR NOT” a thousand times daily. It is medicine to your soul – when you speak to yourself, “FEAR NOT”, daily. Every time you are offered a dose of fear, pull out an extra several doses of God’s command to FEAR NOT! Say it several times over.




This article was written by Bishop Michael O. Amamieye.


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