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Feeling Disappointed? Here’s How to Still Find Joy

Could God have a different plan to the one you're desperate to see come to pass?

Feeling Disappointed? Here’s How to Still Find Joy
Feeling Disappointed? Here’s How to Still Find Joy

We’ve all been disappointed.

If you say otherwise, you’re not being truthful.

Maybe you’re disappointed with something in your life right now, perhaps it’s a relationship, a job, a grade.

We have a picture in our heads of how we’d like things to be – we know our ideal financial situation, our ideal family dynamic, our ideal grades. But reality doesn’t always match up to this ideal life, in fact I’m pretty sure it rarely does.

And that can be pretty disappointing.

Especially when you feel like you’re giving something your all, but not progressing.

Are you ever desperate to get to the point where you can say, ‘I did it. I was successful’?

What does success look like?

We want to be successful. That looks like different things for different people. We all have goals that we’re moving towards, and it’s great to be intentional and motivated.

But if our greatest goal in life isn’t to know Jesus more, then ultimately we’ll always be disappointed.

If our goal is to get a great car, there will be a new car out a year or two later which is better.

If our goal is to get good grades, there will always be someone doing just that little bit better.

If our goal is to get married, there will always be another couple who seem happier.

Please don’t think I’m saying not to have goals. I’m simply saying not to seek these things more than God.


Because cars, houses, money, jobs, human relationships, whilst they can bring happiness, they aren’t always consistent.

Whereas if we make our ultimate priority to spend time with God and trust Him with our lives, we won’t be disapointed. Because he is consistent.

So let’s dream big, set healthy, intentional goals, but work towards those goals knowing who our God is.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” (Ephesians 3:20)

He has something BETTER

One way to find joy in a season of disappointment is to realise that our ‘ideal’ plan might not actually be the best one for us.

It’s a tricky thing, to give over control and trust that God might have a different plan to the one we’re desperate to see a realisation.

But if we cling too tightly to our own plans, we’ll just get crushed when they don’t work out exactly how we’d hoped. But when we live our lives knowing Who holds our future, and that the path He has for us is better than we could even imagine, things get exciting.

When our finances, our relationships or studies aren’t how we’d like them to be, we don’t fight endlessly to change those things, we wait for expectation for what God’s going to do, provide or move for us.

What a promise.

Disappointments are part of being a human, and allowing yourself to really feel when things don’t go how you planned is healthy.

I hope whatever disappointments you’re working through right now, you know how loved you are and that your Heavenly Father has plans for you which you can’t even conceive right now.

Here’s to trusting that He has something better for us.

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