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Discernment Of Spirits, What Spirit Controls You?

Discern the spiriit

Discernment Of Spirits, What Spirit Controls You?
Discernment Of Spirits, What Spirit Controls You?

Spirit discernment – We are all made of body, soul, and spirit. Most of us are aware of our body and soul but may not be aware of our spirit. You see, God is Spirit, but unfortunately, many do not believe there is a God. Therefore it follows that they do not believe in a spirit world. God created us spirit beings so that we can communicate with Him and have a relationship with Him. However, ur spirit was cut off from God through the fall. Therefore, inherent in us is a void, which man has attempted to fill by creating a god in his own image to worship. This has led to many different ways to worship this god. Satan or the devil also likes to be worshipped and has deceived many into worshipping him in place of God. However, the Bible is clear about this and therefore Jesus came to show us the way to worship His Father, God, in spirit and in truth (see John 4:23, 24).

Spiritual warfare

When Jesus walked on the earth, He fought Satan who tried to tempt Him to worship him. Jesus’ main mission was to defeat Satan and his army of demons which He completed on the Cross. Now the demons are out to deceive the elect so that they would go to hell with them. These demonic spirits gain access to our souls through sin, and wounds, and unforgiveness. Once in residence, they operate through the lusts of the flesh to control our behavior by influencing our emotions and thoughts. They control most of mankind who are unaware of their influence. They hide behind human weakness, and disease, and disorder. In addition, they affect both believers and non-believers. So what spirit controls you?

Gift of discernment

Discernment of spirits is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is needed these days to know what spirit controls us. Many are deceived into thinking they are doing the right thing because they have an evil spirit of deception. The shop window looks good. Many are trapped in situations and relationships because of certain habits, or lusts, or addictions. Sexual disorders, drugs, and religious spirits are examples of such attachments of demonic spirits. We need to be aware of these controlling spirits so that we can deal with them the way Jesus did. He threw them out and we need to do the same.


Jesus defeated these demonic forces on the Cross. His blood and Name now are our weapons to defeat these demonic infestations. They overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Rev 12:11). We have to do the same and free ourselves from their influence and control. Discern the spirit in you and others and be free from demonic spirits. In this way, we won’t be fighting people but the spirits that control them. This is a battle we have to fight while on earth as the god of this world is Satan.

John Mathai

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