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Discernment: Religious Spirit and the Holy Spirit

Discernment of Spirits

Discernment: Religious Spirit and the Holy Spirit
Discernment: Religious Spirit and the Holy Spirit


Many are confused these days because what is seen and heard appears good but is not right. This kind of appearance denotes a conflict between what is heard in the natural and what is felt in the spirit. Some call it diabolical because the receiver of the message hears something but feels something else. This is where one needs to discern the spirit behind the words that are spoken. Many fail to discern and therefore remain confused. The religious spirit appears to be good but is demonic in nature. It appears as a spirit of light but really is not. Appearances can be deceptive. This is why we need to pray for a gift of discernment/discerning of spirits (1 Cor 12:4,10) to know what is the source of the words we hear.


Many are trained to say the right thing and appear genuine. However, underneath the cover is a spirit of lies and deception. One can easily fall for this and be deceived. Many politicians and salespeople are good at selling their stuff with charming words that stroke our ego. This is only a front. Just like a shop window or well made-up person can present well but on closer examination fails the test of authenticity. Watch out for this during these days of fake news exploding and bombarding us daily through the media. A lot of the stories are made up to direct our attention away from the truth.

Holy Spirit & Discernment

The Holy Spirit never deceives. He is a Spirit of peace and love and righteousness. You can sense Him and know that He is speaking through a person. This is different from a religious spirit. The Holy Spirit encourages and exhorts and guides us in our daily life. He is a Comforter and never forces us to do things. He is gentle and loving and kind. You can sense His presence in a person and know the difference from a religious spirit. A religious spirit tends to be controlling and is particular about rules and rituals. Just like the Pharisees, the emphasis is on rules rather than love. Ask today for a gift of discerning spirits when you hear the many voices demanding your attention.

John Mathai

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