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Discovering Opportunity With An International Christian School

Reaching the world for Christ through international Christian education.

Discovering Opportunity With An International Christian School
Discovering Opportunity With An International Christian School

The Word of God is spreading through an International Christian School. With organizations like Network of International Christian Schools (NICS), students and teachers are finding opportunities to answer God’s Call. With 15 schools across five continents and 13 countries, options exist for the Christian to minister or to receive ministry, for the advancement of His Kingdom.

What is the Network of International Christian Schools?

The Network of International Christian Schools was founded to engage both students and teachers with the calling to evangelize the world for Christ. What began as the vision of one man, turned into a global ministry that would impact the lives of many. Joe Hale desired to give a much-needed school to missionary kids of Korea. Through his partnership with other missionaries, that dream became a reality; a school was built in 1983. Today there are 15 schools across the world that stemmed from this one cry for help.

Where Can Students Attend an International Christian School?

From America to Asia, there are many locations for children to receive an International Christian School education. Many of the schools have physical campuses, but some, like the NorthStar Academy in Mississippi, USA, is an online school. It offers courses for students to complete their education. This opportunity is especially beneficial for homeschoolers in that their curriculum’s structure is in a manner that is conducive to home school learning.

    • Asia – By far, has the largest population served by an International Christian School. Nine schools serve Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. All offer either Pre-K or Kindergarten through High School classes.
    • Europe – Prishtina High School, an International Christian School, is in Kosova and offers an education for First Grade through High School.
    • Middle East – Oasis International School, is in Ankara, Turkey. They offer Preschool through High School education.
    • Africa – An International Christian School in Kenya, West Nairobi School,  offers Preschool through High School.
    • Latin America – Three schools in Latin America, extend educations to Kinder through High School age students. The schools are in Lima, Peru; La Paz, Bolivia; and Brasilia, Brazil.

Where Can Teachers Instruct at an International Christian School?

If you are called to teach and foreign missions are part of that endeavor, then NICS may be well worth the look at. The mission-based organization is always looking for qualified teachers to begin a journey in a foreign country to teach students about Christ through a schooling platform.

While it is important to have some experience, NICS does not require it. They are willing to invest the time and energy to train someone new to teaching. Employment will be by the school, but you will also have an attachment to NICS. There are considerations one must make, especially regarding the status of the school you will be working for. There are three different statuses. With two of them, some fundraising is a requirement, while the school builds up to an established ranking. Then teachers will receive a salary.

While knowing the language of the host country is beneficial, it is not a requirement. It is an English based school, and students must understand the English language to attend, in addition, they receive ESL classes to help them with speaking English.

Finally, you will receive a two-week training course that helps you learn to teach the curriculum the school teaches as well as learn the customs and rules of the country where you will be teaching. The school list is the same as above, but the openings vary from school to school, and from year to year.

International Christian School: Final Word

The world is filled with opportunities for children to learn about the Gospel through an International Christian School setting. NICS is not the only organization that has schools in foreign regions. They are one of many that share the calling of the Great Commission. The students learn, and the called teachers, teach.

If we do not have a calling to teach in a Christian school, or to attend one, we have a calling to support them in prayer. Prayer that teachers effectively teach Christ in each of these schools and that the instruction will prepare a future generation of believers that will change the world for the Kingdom of God.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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