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Dismantling The Tree of Knowledge Of Good And Evil – Within

Coming to grips with the tree of sin so that love can thrive in our lives!

Many people who read the narrative in the book of Genesis about the “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil” can find it very confusing. If the tree contained the knowledge of good and evil, then does that mean that Adam and Eve had no knowledge of good and evil before they ate from the forbidden tree?

If the answer is yes, then how could they have had a chance of fending off the temptation from the serpent in the Garden of Eden? Did they really deserve the consequences of their actions if they did not know good from evil during the temptation? Everything looks so unfair if this were to be true.

Thankfully there is a healthier way to view this tree.

Good and evil

This tree of knowledge of good and evil has invisibly dominated the human race since Adam and Eve fell into sin in the Garden of Eden ever so long ago. This tree dominates many people: both inside and outside the church because it is so well hidden in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. The tree even when we wrestle with it can bring confusion, depression, defeat, doubt, despair, anger, fear, pride, judging, jealousy, selfishness, greed, self-pity, hatred, compulsions, and addictive behaviours culminating in a lack of love and compassion.

The tree can become horribly complex as its roots and branches grow with lies believed, bad decisions made, and God is ignored. This tree has repeating patterns that are simple enough to give a diagnosis from. And when correct medicines are administered its wood is plucked out of our eyes, heart, and mind; and love results.

Good And Evil

So, what is the nature of this tree? The devil promised Adam and Eve that they would experience both good and evil in a new way if they ate from this tree. What he didn’t tell them at the time is that the tree would get us to use evil to try to get good stuff. This is the nature of the tree and of sin. Sin always tries to get good things through evil or unhealthy means. This tree came in between Adam and Eve and God.

The devil knew that if mankind ate the fruit from this tree then we would not always be inclined to consult God on what is good and bad, and what to believe and what to reject when it comes to truth.

I have experienced this tree as a negative energy structure held together with sin, meanness, self-pity, angry pressure and lies. It is comprised of our forgotten foolish sins (the roots), our fears, pride, jealousy, selfishness, judging, selfish-love, compulsive laziness and compulsive indulgences. It has a definite structure that we need to confess and repent from, and then to renew the attitudes of our minds in the context of a love relationship with God through Jesus Christ for complete healing to manifest.

Dismantle the tree

I go in depth on what this tree looks like and how to dismantle this tree in my book called, “Dismantling the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Within So Love Can Thrive”.

Healthy transformations are not usually accessed in 10-second windows of time. Transformation is not a pit-stop, but rather it is a journey with God. This book gives healthy directions on how to with Jesus’ help (in prayer) become free from, win the battles against, and dismantle this tree’s induced foolishness, fear, pride, sin-ruts and compulsions.

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