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Displacement And A Shift in Perspective Brings Breakthrough

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Displacement And A Shift in Perspective Brings Breakthrough
Displacement And A Shift in Perspective Brings Breakthrough

The dictionary definition of displacement is: “the removal of something from its normal place by something which then occupies that place or position.” Synonyms of displacement are: shift/ move/ disturbance/ dislocation. When something is “displaced” it is replaced by something else. Rather than trying to remove something, just introduce something else which then dislodges and replaces the original.

Shift Your Focus

For many years Christians have battled to subdue, overcome, and dis-empower the things that don’t conform with or reflect being a follower of Jesus. What if the most effective and least painful way of doing this was to shift our focus to kingdom life and intimacy with Jesus and allow what flows from that to displace the things we try to conquer? This fundamentally alters our view of everything; God, ourselves, our world, our environment, prayer, worship, the Bible, leadership, church programs, and especially spiritual warfare.

The way to defeat evil and demonic activity is to simply gaze into the face of God and view everything from the Father’s lap. If we want to know greater joy then we need to stop being robbed by comparing ourselves to others. And if we long for greater love in us and flowing from us then we must jettison the expectation of other people. If we want to experience greater grace then we must lose any critical or judgmental attitude towards others.

Displacement: Final Words

Allowing Holy Spirit to “occupy” our spirit more and more means spending significant, quality time with Jesus and Father. This means sooner or later, this will displace, to a greater or lesser degree, the things that prevent us from enjoying the abundant life Jesus invites us to enjoy. Be intentional! Change your focus! Watch the displacement occur and shift what you have struggled with for so long. Reinvest your time and move from battling to basking, from struggle to rest and from striving to loving.

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