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Distractions Are Sometimes Our Great Enemy

Distractions Are Sometimes Our Great Enemy
Distractions Are Sometimes Our Great Enemy

Distractions are different things that the enemy puts before us in order to lose our focus on a daily basis. They are thoughts, worries, situations, sickness and other cares of this present world that cripple us. They come as tornadoes with loud noises and fears.  How do we overcome these thoughts?The Word of God says in Philippians 4:6 “Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayers and supplications with thanksgiving, let our requests be made known unto God.”

Many of the believers before us started well. But some like King Solomon got distracted by the pleasures of this world.  King Solomon did not ask for riches or power when God wanted to bless him. Instead, he asked God for great wisdom.  God gave him what he requested and he used it to judge the women who came to him for a decision on their dispute of the dead baby.

He grandiosely built the Temple of God in Jerusalem. He was doing well until he started loving foreign women and concubines and also their idols. These were great distractions that caused the king to fall.

Daniel had lots of distractions in Babylon but he chose to be in the lion’s den instead of bowing to man.  He knew the new law but he trusted God to fight for him. He would not let these threats stop him from focusing on God.

Like Daniel, we can practice focusing on hearing God with the help of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit can help us pray and worship when we are distracted. We are in a battle but we can make up our mind to fight the good fight of faith.

James 4:7: “Submit therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us”.  

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