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Do You Dread The Question, “What Ministry Are You In?”

Don't put your 'ministry' in a box!

Do You Dread The Question, “What Ministry Are You In?”
Do You Dread The Question, “What Ministry Are You In?”

Someone asked me, “Lei, what ministry are you currently engaged in?” And I seriously answered, “Every aspect of my life is a ministry.”   He laughed while responding, “What?” He didn’t laugh because he was mocking me, but he laughed because he didn’t expect that kind of answer from me.  I can’t blame him though, I always joke around when serious questions are thrown at me.  I even thought – in the past – that ministry is bound to the four walls of the church (praise and worship ministry, kid’s ministry, etc.).  I thank and praise God for changing my mindset!

Why did I say that every aspect of my life is a ministry?  Because it is.  I minister to my family, I minister to my friends, I minister to our small group, I minister to my work, I minister online, and I even minister to myself!  It’s clear in the word that we are ministers of Christ, not when you join the worship team or kids ministry, but it is just who we are.

The ideal ministry, for me though, is outside the boundaries of the church. In our specific churches, we are all salt and light (I hope) and if we don’t release some flavors and light into the world, we won’t be pleasant to people anymore.  I think there are times that we seclude ourselves too much inside the church and forget the very heart of the church – to save the lost.

When a person asks you what ministry you’re in, don’t be sad that you don’t belong to one of the ministries inside your church.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t join, or volunteer, or support your church ministries, but be confident to tell that person that every aspect of your life is a ministry.

And, oh, live the talk.

Dr. Ravi Zacharias shares some powerful insightful principles for everyone who is involved in church leadership (ministry) in the video.

Credits: YouTube | Stan Belyshev

[Ravi Zacharias is an Indian-born Canadian-American Christian apologist. He is the author of numerous books, including Can Man Live Without God? and is the host of Let My People Think on GOD TV.]

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