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Do You Have A Loved One Who Needs A Mountain Moved?

GOD TV wants to stand with you!

Do You Have A Loved One Who Needs A Mountain Moved?
Do You Have A Loved One Who Needs A Mountain Moved?

At GOD TV, we believe in the God of miracles. There is nothing He can’t do. No mountain He can’t move. Nothing is impossible for Him! That is why, through every trial, we must keep our eyes fixed on Him.

As a family of believers, we are called to stand with each other because “if one member suffers, we all suffer. And when one is honored, we all are honored.” (1 Corinthians 12:26) We stand together with you today. You are dearly loved! You are not alone! And together, we are Moving Mountains to…
• Shine His light in the midst of darkness!
• Stand together in prayer for our friends, family and all GOD TV viewers in every nation
• Continue to present the Gospel message so “all will be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth
of Jesus Christ.” (1 Timothy 2:4)

GOD TV is not your average TV Channel. Did you know that we have less than 100 staff members total? Compare that to Netflix with 8,600 full time workers… or the BBC with 35,000 employees or CNN with 3,000 employees! GOD TV is spreading the most important message in the world, critical to people’s souls and eternal life, and we get by with less than 100 staff members worldwide.

With a modest budget, we source, create and present anointed, prophetic and supernatural programming on TV, engage people on social media and hold live events and conferences (when it is safe to do so) filled with the Father’s glory. Your partnership directly affects millions of lives. It opens the door to bring the Gospel message into homes all over the world. You are enabling God to move mountains! Mountains that are impossible to shift without the power of Jesus Christ.

Your partnership enables us to meet people with Jesus exactly where they are physically and spiritually; to serve as the secret church for believers living in countries at risk of persecution for their faith; and to minister to those struggling. With your partnership, we can continue to deliver the Good News of Jesus 24 hours a day to every nation, tribe and tongue.

Souls. Israel. Revival. Those are our marching orders, friend.

For 25 years, GOD TV has been loved by millions and continues to impact millions more today. Together, we are taking the Gospel to the nations with content that matters. Content that changes the atmosphere in homes. Content that introduces Jesus to the broken, lost and hurting.

Many have told us that GOD TV has been their ‘life-line’ during the most difficult seasons in their lives. As a partner, you are a part of extending that ‘life-line’ to the hurting. Every time you watch GOD TV, there is a life, somewhere across the world, being impacted by that broadcast. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are watching with you. They are being encouraged and leaning into Jesus to move the mountains they’re facing.

We are so excited for you to engage in our season of Moving Mountains. We have some incredible speakers, filled with faith that your mountains and the mountains of millions of believers across the world, will be moved. The truth is, less than 0.5% of our viewers worldwide give financially so we can do this work. As a viewer funded network, that’s a heavy load for a small number of people to carry. If that’s you, thank you SO much for your generosity.

I pray you will feel called to join us in Moving Mountains today by sowing even further into the Kingdom in whatever way you can. 100% of your donation ensures lives continue to be impacted across the globe. Will you stand with us? If God is moving your heart, I encourage you not to wait. Fill out the form below or visit right now and change lives for Jesus.

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Together we are seeing lives saved and Mountains Moved. That’s something to get excited about, right?! Isn’t it something worth investing in? We believe GOD TV can continue to be sustained by incredible, faithful partners like you – disciples of Jesus responding to the Great Commission and acting as the beautiful Hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world. THANK YOU for your commitment to partner with us.

Always remember, you are dearly loved! You are not alone! We are always standing with you.

Thank you for helping us move our financial mountain today so we can continue to bring powerfully anointed, supernatural content to YOU and millions like you around the world.

Together, we are Moving Mountains.

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