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Do You Need To Re-Prioritize Some Things In Life?

Aligning with the priorities of God over the priorities of the world

Do You Need To Re-Prioritize Some Things In Life?
Do You Need To Re-Prioritize Some Things In Life?

As I learn more about the ways and original intention of God’s creation, I come to realize through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that He didn’t create us to rush around fretting, stressing and constantly doing things to get to where we think we should be.

We were created in His image (Gen. 1:27) and nowhere do I read in His Word that the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit were running out of time and rushing from one place to another at the time of creation…

Since the Word is alive and active (Heb. 4:12) and God is the same today, as yesterday and forever (Heb. 13:8) then He’s not running, feeling stressed out about anything now, either!

Many people excuse their behavior by saying “but we live in a fallen world”, and sometimes I think it is something that we accept far too quickly. Jesus came to break the power of the enemy, heal us, restore us, remove all effects of our sins, and this was all achieved in the death and resurrection of Christ. So why are we still using this as an excuse?

It’s simple!

The blood of Christ was shed to justify us and sanctify us and take away our sins (John 1:29). If we believe and receive by faith what Christ has accomplished for us, we can live in God’s Kingdom on this earth.

I’m saying this because I’ve come to witness this more and more as I switch off from the world and focus on what the disciples did; follow Jesus! To simply do what the scriptures instruct us to do; meditate on His Word day and night (Josh. 1:8)

God wants us to be successful, and I don’t just mean in the business arena – since we tend to attribute the word “success” to our work or financial accolades. But I believe this is for all areas of our lives; relationally, physically, emotionally, financially and everything else that attributes to the fullness of life. We have to re-prioritize in order to see this clearly.

Jesus wants us to have fullness of life, and the Bible talks about this in John 10:10 and in Psalms 23:1 Amp. “The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide and to shield me], I shall not want. We either fully believe these scriptures and receive what we believe”

As I’m spending more time in the Word of God and on my relationship with Him, I’m being shown that sometimes we choose to believe in our own ignorance, instead of the simple truth Jesus. He came to free us from our strongholds. He came to free us from unhealthy cycles.

Manmade rules, regulations, and traditions of man are choking the our experience of the Word and making it of null effect.

The work of the enemy has falsely institutionalized us in ordering our lives in a certain way. Aligning us with the priorities found in the world. Not in God.

Align with God

Many of us, including myself, before spending time with God in the morning, put work as our first priority. Caring for others comes next, without a thought of myself or my family, thinking this was God’s way. Yes it might sound right. I understand “a lazy man doesn’t eat”, but if we have our priorities all wrong, this actually chokes the Word of God and stops His blessings to us.

And yes we need to think of others, but we also really need to be focussing on the Kingdom of God.

So you see, the devil has a sly way of tweaking things just as he did in the Garden of Eden.

God is our provider, just as He provided everything for Adam and Eve. They didn’t provide their own food, drink, clothes, jobs or anything else we stress about today. God provided this for them. They went to God (their Father) for everything. He talked to them and guided them and gave them what they needed, they simply had to take care of what was given them.

He is our Father

Do you know who your Abba Father is?

Do you think that God, in all His power and ability to create the world and the whole universe, made a plan to save us by coming as Christ, would do half a job?

I think we’ve become so hard-hearted that we really have no clue who our Father is. We’ve become so accustomed to our traditions and ways of this world that it’s become impossible for us to even imagine some of the things God has made available for His children – yes, you are a child of God!

We have all forgotten our identity as we lose our standing in the midst of trials. And in this state, we don’t claim what’s rightfully ours. We just roll over and accept our lot. We begin to think that, that’s just the things are.

But if we re-prioritized our day starting with our conversation and relationship with God first, our spouse next, then our family, then our work (including ministry if this is your work position) all of our needs would be met and we’d even have spare time.

The order of priority I just described above is God’s order… How do I know? Because my husband and myself have come to experience doors opening and massive blessings as we look to Him first and re-prioritized our days and our entire life. It is something that I have experienced, and so know to be true.

Do you need to re-prioritize your life?

I can assure you, when you do it God’s way, all your needs will be met as He opens the doors of heaven to provide always more than you ever dreamed of. He knows you inside and out and knows exactly what you need and what will satisfy you.

Why? Because He loves you more than anyone in this world could ever love you! No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or where you are. He loves you just as you are because He’s your Dad!

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