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Do You Need Victory In Your Life?

Here are three e-courses that will teach you how to live from a place of victory!

Do You Need Victory In Your Life?
Do You Need Victory In Your Life?

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What we focus on is what we empower. And in seasons of spiritual battle, whether personal, within our family, church, community or even our nation, it is of utmost importance that we keep our focus on the victory, not the struggle. Above all, we need to keep our focus on our Victor and definitely not on the enemy of our souls.

Yes, we will go through warfare during our lifetime, but Jesus has already promised us the victory:

In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33

In this course, Victorious Warfare, I will help you identify three general areas of battle. Then, with winners’ mindsets, we will walk through the many powerful, holy, supernatural weapons of warfare that our Lord has provided us with, so that we can walk in the victory that we already have in Him.

As Patricia King shares in Session One, this course is derived from her book, God’s Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction (“like attracts like”) is a God-created law. You will not find the term in the Bible, but we can certainly discover truths about The Law of Attraction and its operation within the pages of Scripture and also as we observe the effects of it in our lives.

So, what is the key of God’s Law of Attraction for us? It is not a secret: according to Scripture, it is a prosperous soul – that we may “prosper and be in good health” according to how our soul prospers. In this course, Patricia King will mentor on aligning our souls in accordance to God’s will and plans – His “best” for us – in all aspects of our lives: our emotions and will, relationships, businesses, finances, health, relationship with Him, and so much more. As we do so, we will attract the desires of our God-aligned soul … we will experience “the fruit of a prosperous soul and live like a winner!”

Jesus promised all His followers an abundant, victorious life. In fact, all of the fullness of God’s Kingdom is accessible to us in Christ! Yet, many Christians do not access all that is available to them and, instead, live in fear, frustration and defeat. Ignorance, lies of the enemy, and unbelief are just a few of the reasons. It is time for a shift!

Our mind, will and emotions – our soul – play an important part in living in total victory, in the fullness of all God has. These must be fully aligned with God’s plan and purposes for you so you can walk in the MORE of God.

In this course, you will discover life-changing biblical truths regarding how to unlock the divine power of each of these and become all you can be in Him. It also includes an abundance of practical ways and applications to apply the biblical truths in your life right now.

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