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Does The Old Testament Still Apply Today?

Follow along as I journey with the Holy Spirit through applying the Old Testament to my life today

Does The Old Testament Still Apply Today?
Does The Old Testament Still Apply Today?

I don’t know about you, but when I get to some parts of the Old Testament I find myself reading the words on the page but they aren’t registering.  My eyes are reading the words, but my mind is completing thinking about something else.

This time it was different.  Before I began reading I invited Holy Spirit to come and speak to me.   I knew I was about to read chapters that were very detailed and tedious.  I reminded myself that if it was in the bible God put it there for a reason and if it was important enough to Him to include it then I was going to choose to make it important to me too.

I intentionally approached reading this portion of scripture with hunger and seeking revelation. I read a few sections before I was hit with a short phrase that began to speak to me; detailed plans for the tabernacle, more detailed plans for the altar, and then I read Exodus 27 verse 9…

Make a courtyard for the tabernacle. The south side shall be a hundred cubits long and is to have curtains of finely twisted linen…”

As I read the verse it felt like I had just walked past something only to be yanked back to it.  That may sound a little violent, but I could feel the swift and strong pull of Holy Spirit drawing my focus to this phrase.  As I read it again my thoughts began to race.  The first thought that came to mind was that we are a temple for the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19).  I began exploring this truth with Holy Spirit using a mathematical equation called an if-then statement.


Old Testament = Courtyard for the Tabernacle


New Testament = ______________ for Me

As I sat there pondering this with the Holy Spirit, I shared my thoughts with Him… A courtyard surrounds a building and a courtyard is uncovered. I pressed into what that could mean for me asking the Holy Spirit for revelation. What did this Old Testament verse mean for me now? I continued to ponder… God gave specific plans to Moses for making a courtyard for the tabernacle and if I’m now the tabernacle that houses God’s presence then what would my “courtyard” be?  Then Holy Spirit filled in the equation…


Old Testament = Courtyard for the Tabernacle


New Testament = ENVIRONMENT for Me

I get to be the tabernacle that carries God’s presence

The revelation began to unravel for me.  An environment is what surrounds me.  Wherever I go there is an environment and I get to be the tabernacle that carries God’s presence. Wow!  What an amazing thought.  I may have differing levels of authority in any given environment, but I always have influence as a carrier of God’s presence.  For example, I have more authority over the environment of my home than I do at Walmart.  However, I have influence over the environment in both places.  The tabernacle that housed God’s presences in the Old Testament influenced the atmosphere of the courtyard.

Take Aways
– The Old Testament is still relevant
– Father God chose to make us the present-day tabernacle.
– We can, as the present-day tabernacle, make a “courtyard” wherever we go
– Our awareness of God’s presence in us enables us to influence our environments

May the Old Testament come alive for you in new ways as you partner with Holy Spirit to discover biblical truth!

Written by Sarah Crockett

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