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Don’t Give Up, Stand Up In The Promises Of God

Let God strengthen you to keep going.

We will experience setbacks and set outs in life that will cause us to question our faith and the validity of the promises of God. Have you ever lost something after working hard to get it, and wondered why the Lord allowed you to lose it? Especially after working so hard and tenaciously to get it? You find yourself at a dead-end starting to wonder if you missed a turn signal or a do not pass go sign?

After exhausting all of our resources which consists of how and when we feel things should go, we often find ourselves suddenly lacking the energy, the time, the strength, and the push to do it any longer. Instead of a blessing, the gift or thing we sought God after starts to become a burden.

Don’t Be Deceived By How You Feel

We find ourselves going back and forth, thinking of things we could have done better, rehearsing the choices we made, and things we said or did that could have possibly hindered the process of the promise. We even begin to self-sabotage the promises of God spoken directly to us through prayer, by his prophets, or messengers feeling as if He has disappeared and made himself obsolete from our life. Holding on to what we see, and not what the Lord said, we allow our past mistakes or the test before to dictate our next move.

God said in his word that he will never leave us nor forsake us. When things are tough and the rain is pouring and the winds of life are blowing and the seas are ragging, Jesus is in the situation to bring calm and clarity to it all.

The Pitcher Needs A Refill

As a pitcher, who constantly pours, consistent refills are important to maintaining strength and balance to keep going. The scripture says not by might, nor by power but by his spirit. Physical strength eventually becomes weak when met with the right opponent or opposition. In the flesh, we are limited to fighting battles when battles are designed to be fought in the spirit. We must understand that there will be adversities that will spring up, but we must understand how to approach and fight, and last but not least, knowing when it’s necessary to stop and get recharged in prayer and in the word of God.

God’s Got You

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  You will only have as much power as you have a prayer life. And only as much oil in the engine to continue going as you have faith and trust in the Lord. That is why God’s word said to build yourself up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.

In His spirit, there is endless strength. As children of the Heavenly Father, we are privileged to pull from that strength at any time of the day or hour through the Holy Spirit who empowers us to be able to fight the attacks of the enemy whether the attack takes the form of fatigue, loss of direction, wanting to give up, doubt, impatience, rejection, or just simply feeling zapped.

You can always rest assured, that if the wind is blowing, there is a conquering win approaching! There is a full pledge victory on the horizon.  God is always several steps ahead of an approaching storm or situation.  Even when we are experiencing “promise fatigue,”  the word of God provides strength for renewal, refreshing, and refilling.

You Are Getting Your Strength Back

Hagar after serving for many years and even giving birth to a son by her master Abraham was put out of the camp with her child, her gift. Instantly uprooted from the place she grew to call home. Her place of refuge, covering, and protection was now nonexistent. She went from having access to wells of water to only a cruse of water (a bottle of water). The cruse of water which was life-sustaining eventually ran out. This caused her so much grief, tears, and frustration, forcing her to walk away from her gift.

The help and the resources she had for the last 13 years as Ishmael was growing up were no longer available to her.  She found herself in the wilderness stripped and depleted of everything she once had access to and the life she had become accustomed to. What she did not realize, is that she had something so much bigger than what she lost, she had a promise from God. And His promises outweigh any situation on this earth we may face.

Hold On To The Promise

Although she wanted to give up, the Lord sent a reminder of his promises. He reminded her, that who she gave birth to was not only going to do great and amazing things but He was going to be right there with them. Although the cruse of water Hagar drank from, ran out, God’s promises did not run out! His word showed up right on time giving her the strength she needed to get back up, pick back up her gift, and keep moving forward!

We must continue to remind ourselves daily of God’s promises. It releases the strength we need to get back up. The enemy loves a tired fighter because he’s counting on the tap out. We may find ourselves in a place of feeling stuck, in the wilderness, put out, without strength, tired, discouraged, and in an uncomfortable place, fully exhausted, and feeling hopeless without resources or direction but one thing’s for sure, we can trust in the word of the Lord and his thoughts toward us according to Jeremiah 29:11 as his purposeful plan for our life which gives us the strength needed to get back up!

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