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Don’t Stand By While There’s An Assault On Fruitfulness

It is a year of birthing and celebrating life.

Don’t Stand By While There’s An Assault On Fruitfulness
Don’t Stand By While There’s An Assault On Fruitfulness

In this year of new births, we’re becoming witnesses to the swift push by a few on the mountain of government to open a floodgate to license the death of babies. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the ability for abortionists to snuff out children at any stage of pregnancy. More recently, Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia stated his support for a similar bill which was proposed by State Delegate Kathy Tran, who deems it okay to abort a child all the way up to the point of birth, which many have emphatically stated is infanticide.

In Genesis, God charged humanity with the task of being fruitful, multiplying, and replenishing or refilling the earth (see Genesis 1:28). In Psalm 127:3 we find that children are a heritage, and that the fruit of the womb is a reward.

At Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address by President Donald Trump, he stated “Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth — all children — born and unborn— are made in the holy image of God”. Whatever your thoughts are about the man who holds the highest office in this nation, there is clear evidence that God is moving in this season to establish some principled things regarding life and the fruitfulness and prosperity of this nation.

Precisely two years ago, I did a ten-part blog series titled, What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak. It was based on one of the last prophetic words shared by the late Prophet Kim Clement. In that word, he speaks of ten wars that would be faced by the president. I spent considerable time in looking at his word and believe wholeheartedly that word spoke to these ten wars as being likened to the ten plagues of Egypt.

Through the ten plagues, God delivered the people of Israel from Egyptian bondage. Through those plagues, God also revealed a distinction between, not just two people, but two hearts. I highlighted how within the plagues, God was revealing his judgment on a people who worshiped gods and goddesses of crop and human fertility.

Whether you go back and review the prophetic word uttered by Kim Clement and come to the same interpretation or not is subject to what the Holy Spirit speaks to you. However, I firmly believe that in this one aspect of abortion, God is calling attention to the spiritual giant that needs to fall. In this season of new birthing, the assault on the fruitfulness of the womb must be dealt with. This is one act of distinction that will be made. It’s not just between Christians and non-Christians in America. It is also between Christians who choose sit on the fence in complicitous opposition to those who will boldly stand on the wall as a prophetic voice for truth in love.

A recent article in the Washington Examiner reported that according to a 2018 report, “41.9 million births were prematurely terminated, making abortion the leading cause of death”. The article goes on to say that, “almost 100 percent of abortions are preventable”. It states that 9 out of 10 are elected procedures. This not only means that these deaths were preventable, they were casualties of a spiritual attack on the mountain of family.

What makes this even more horrendous is that abortion is disproportionate in who is impacted the most. In America, the highest abortion rates are among African Americans and Hispanic American. Let that fact sink in as you consider that these two ethnic groups are also the most impacted by poverty, crime, low performance in education and in the workforce.

In this season and year of birthing, it is going to be the assignment of the Church to take up the mantle and commission to defend life, protect the seed, and preserve the fruitful harvest that God says is a reward. Now is the time to support every initiative and vehicle that God enables for the sake of defending the lives of those yet to be born. The continued assignment against the life of those yet to be born is not just a blood curse on a nation. It is also a curse on the bountiful and fruitfulness of life and the unknown potential of a generation.

Declare life

If the Church in America will rise up and unite to plow through the hardened soil of avoidance, then fruitfulness and prosperity will most assuredly be within sight this year. There must be a plowing through of hard stances against the sanctity of life. The weeds of bitterness, racism, genocide, and infanticide must be choked out, uprooted, and thrown into the fire. Let this be the year that your expectation turns to a diligence to declare that life begins with God and the sown seed.

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