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Don’t Worry, The Kids Are Going To Be Fine!

Put to rest the concerns you have about your kids being negatively impacted by COVID-19. And enjoy this unique family time.

Don’t Worry, The Kids Are Going To Be Fine!
Don’t Worry, The Kids Are Going To Be Fine!

The kids are going to be fine. I keep telling myself that, but I really am starting to believe it’s true.  When this whole pandemic started, followed by weeks, then months of lockdown at home, I think we questioned whether ANY of us would be okay after this.  Would we remember how to socialize? Would we all be germaphobes, wearing hand sanitizer around our necks for the rest of time? Would the hug evolve into some sort of elbow to elbow tap forever? And of course, we worried about how the kids would fare. Will they learn enough in homeschool? Will they have handwashing OCD? Will they be hermits for the rest of their lives? In high-stress situations we often let fear and doubt creep in and color our whole world. But in reality, my kids are doing great, actually, they are having the time of their lives!

Lots Of Togetherness

Though homeschooling is daunting for parents, especially parents who are now trying to work from home AND homeschool, while keeping tiny humans alive…the kids are having a blast. My two school-aged kids love going to school, but the break was welcomed.  Being at home, and taught by Mommy (since Daddy works full-time) was a brand new experience and they were truly excited.  They enjoy the breaks, pajama days, the short commute, and the freedom of stopping and starting when we want. Want to have a snack in the middle of a lesson? Sure! Want to move school outside? Why not?! They are truly enjoying the flexibility of their new school day.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are absolutely loving the extra sibling time and overall family time.  I mean, I have three boys, all two years apart (give or take). So things can often get tense, competitive, and scrappy. And loud…SO LOUD! But, in a time where they are stuck at home and can’t see their friends, it is beautiful to see them all strengthen their relationships and play together. They are making memories they will cherish forever. They are loving our daily (sometimes twice daily) family walks and bike rides, game nights, and movie nights as well. Sadly, this time together as a family unit is one we didn’t appreciate when it wasn’t forced upon us…which tells us how badly we all needed it.

The Kids Are Going To Be Fine & Strong

As far as their level of concern over the virus? They ask questions and we answer them to an appropriate degree.  No, we aren’t telling them that 100s of 1000s of people have died.  But we do tell them that this is a new virus, making people, mostly older people, very sick.  And that we are staying home to protect ourselves and others. They know that once the virus goes away we can do normal activities again. They seamlessly adjusted to the 6-feet rule and even mask-wearing. My kids know when they come to a store with us, the mask goes on and stays on. In other words, kids are more adaptable than most adults I know!

The Transition Back To Reality

Yes, it will be an interesting, and probably difficult, transition back to school. They will miss being home and will need to adjust back to the stricter rules of classroom life and the stricter standards of a classroom teacher. But I am going to have to adjust as well! As much as I have fantasized about the day where I can have 7 hours of freedom again, I will really miss this precious time with them! We keep saying how we can’t wait for a break in the day where we aren’t asked for a snack, bathroom help, or to clean up a mess, but really I know when this is all over and they’re back at school and I am drinking my coffee in silence, I will long for those loud, obnoxious giggles to fill up the empty rooms.

This global pandemic is teaching our kids some very valuable life lessons. They are learning adaptability, resilience, the release of control, and acceptance of unanticipated changes in life. To learn these things at a very young age is so vital for their social and emotional development. This pandemic will shape some well-adjusted little ones. The kids are going to be fine. Not sure if I can say the same for the adults…kidding!

“Love the Lord, all his faithful people!
    The Lord preserves those who are true to him,
    but the proud he pays back in full.
   Be strong and take heart,
    all you who hope in the Lord.”

(Psalm 31:23-24)

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