Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Question About Gluttony | God TV

Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Question About Gluttony

“Gluttony is destructive to our health."

Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Question About Gluttony
Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Question About Gluttony

On an episode of Ask Me Anything with Dr. Michael Brown, he answers the question: Is gluttony a sin?

Dr. Michael Brown

It has been clearly mentioned in the Bible that gluttony is a sin and the reason why it is sinful is because of our stewardship over our body.

“God has given us stewardship over everything we have,” Dr. Michael said. “Stewardship over our mind, stewardship over our body, stewardship over our finances.”


We have to take proper care of our body to make it holy before the Lord. Our body is an instrument to glorify God and we should keep it healthy.

“Gluttony is destructive to our health,” he emphasized. “We cannot glorify God in our bodies if we are destroying our bodies willfully.”

“You will find to gluttons in the Bible. Look it up, every reference is negative,” he added. “Gluttons are put next to lazy people, gluttons are put next to drunkards, gluttons are put next to wicked people. So, it is definitely sinful and wrong in God’s sight.”

Good steward

As children of God, we should be a good stewards over everything that God has given us, and that includes our body. Over-eating can lead to many health problems; thus, we should avoid being a glutton.

Dr. Michael ended his answer by sharing how he transitioned from unhealthy eating to healthy eating in the past. He also shared how it has benefited him . He has been able to continue serving the Lord with his healthy mind and body.

“Healthy eating, disciplined eating, it pays long-term dividends and with the health and strength you have, you can better run your race, serve the Lord, bless your family and serve others.”

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