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From Drugs And Prostitution To Becoming A Princess Of God

From Drugs And Prostitution To Becoming A Princess Of God
From Drugs And Prostitution To Becoming A Princess Of God

A woman resorted to drugs and prostitution to dull her pain until Jesus came and turned her into His beloved princess.

Mental Illness And Drugs

Mariah grew up as a fun-loving and happy child. But when her family left the church, they also took God out of the picture and continued life without Him. Then a loved one verbally abused her as a pre-teen. That caused her to make her first suicide attempt and cut herself. She then went on a lot of psychotropic medications that caused confusion in her mind.

Drugs and Prostitution Testimony
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To ease and cover up the pain Mariah felt, she resorted to different kinds of vices. She started drinking alcohol and smoking weed. By 16, Mariah was doing cocaine. And at 17, she got pregnant and had an abortion. Amidst all this, she wanted to die and then spent the next few years in a drug-induced haze. Broke and having no job, the teen also stole money. As a result, she ended up in jail.

Entering Prostitution

At 18 years old, Mariah began selling herself to sustain her addiction to drugs. That’s when everything became black, dark, and empty for her. She was in and out of psych wards and ran away from home. Soon after, Mariah also tried doing heroin.

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Then one day, a childhood best friend of Mariah’s connected her with a sister program of Teen Challenge, a women’s Christian home. After rehab, she joined the program. And for the next nine months, Mariah struggled with the withdrawal of her body from drugs. She suffered from migraines and she couldn’t sleep. By her sixth month, Mariah even relapsed and cut herself again. But leaders at the Christian home responded in prayer.

These Christian leaders in the home prayed for Mariah to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

“It felt like just this liquid love poured into my body like I literally felt the Holy Spirit come into my body!” she testified.

After nine months, for the first time, she slept for over eight hours. She woke up the next day praising God.

What an amazing transforming journey! Watch the whole story.

YouTube | 700 Club Interactive

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