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Effects Of The Pandemic To The Church

"I think God is calling His church into a new season.”

Effects Of The Pandemic To The Church
Effects Of The Pandemic To The Church

What are the effects of the pandemic on the Church and what God is doing through all of these?

The Cry

In an episode of The Cry with Betty King, Dr. Rachel Jordan-Wolf, Executive Director of Hope Together, and Sammy Jordan of Hope For Every Home, share their thoughts about the pandemic and how it is affecting the church.

Dr. Rachel emphasized how God moved through the online platform during the pandemic where mass gatherings are restricted. Because His Church took a brave step to go out of the norm, more people have been reached by the Gospel.

“It’s been fascinating to see what has happened when the church was pushed, rather reluctantly in many places, to go online. That’s been exciting, what God has done through that and how many people have been reached because the church took a big brave step,” she said.

Effects of the pandemic

The pandemic has greatly affected the church and even the leaders. Most of the church leaders became tired and worn out because of the issues the world is facing right now. But God wants us to be more rooted in Him today than ever before.

“At the moment, the church is quite tired, a lot of church leaders are tired,” Dr. Rachel said. “It’s like we’ve got to dig deep back into God and go. It’s time to do this again.”

Sammy agreed by noting that God is a good God who works everything, including this pandemic, for good.

“No one could deny that the effects of the pandemic have been devastating…but I believe in a good God, I believe in the God who works for good in all things,” Sammy said.

It is uncertain when will this pandemic entirely end or what tomorrow will bring, but one thing is for sure, God is good. No matter what this new season brings, we rest assured that God is with us and would never forsake us.

“I think God wants to do a new thing. I think God is calling His church into a new season.”

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