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Elderly Woman Credits Long Life To One Thing

Her life is truly amazing!

Elderly Woman Credits Long Life To One Thing
Elderly Woman Credits Long Life To One Thing

An elderly woman from Ifugao Province in the Philippines clearly reads the Bible even without the need for eyeglasses.

Elderly Woman Bugan Datong

Bugan Datong is known as the oldest living woman in their town in Ifugao, Philippines. What caught people’s attention is her ability to read the Bible without the need for eyeglasses. Bugan Datong reads her Bible from the moment she wakes up until she sleeps at night while sitting in front of her house. That was her daily routine since 2014.

Neighbors and passersby are amazed by the elderly woman’s vision and passion for reading the Bible. She has been receiving praise from everyone who sees her.

“Bless us, grandma, that we may also live a long life like you,” says one passerby. “We rarely see an old aged like you reading with her naked eyes.”

Sharp memory and vision

It turns out that she has never worn glasses. Her memory is also as sharp as her vision. She can still recall  her favorite Gospel songs.

Since she became a Christian in 1971, her faith has been tested several times. In 1974, she almost died due to a chronic stomach ulcer but by her faith and prayers, she was healed. Another tragedy happened in 1990 when her house burned down and she was left them nothing. In December 2008, she became a widow.

But despite all those challenges in her life, she has never lost her faith in the Lord and has trusted Him more and more over the years. In 2005, her daughter Pastor Virginia Imperial pioneered the Gohang Christian Fellowship Church, an independent local church in their town.

Faith and lifestyle

When asked about her secret to a long life, sharp memory and vision, she credits it to her faith in God.  She also shared how she worked hard on their farm when she young. Additionally, she explained that all her food was organic and home grown.

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