Elevation Worship, an Interview with Mack Brock

Elevation Worship, an Interview with Mack Brock

New album 'There is a Cloud' available now!

If there’s one thing that really gets us stoked¬†at GOD TV, it’s powerful and anointed worship music. And Elevation Worship is producing some the most powerful and Spirit-led worship of this generation. I had a chance to catch up with Mack Brock, of Elevation Worship recently to learn more about their new album and what makes Elevation Worship unique. Thanks to Lynsea Rohde for arranging the interview!


Mack Brock Elevation Worship


Tell us a little bit about Elevation Worship. What’s in your own unique DNA?

One of the things I love most about Elevation Worship is that we are nothing apart from Elevation Church. We are deeply rooted in a local church and that’s our primary goal – week in and week out – is to pour ourselves into our church, our people, being servants to God’s mission here. That translates in how we approach songwriting, album producing, etc…it’s all tied back to that vision.


What was your inspiration for this album?

The biggest theme for this album is God’s faithfulness….believing in it, reminding ourselves of it – whether we are in a season of drought, or in a season of harvest – God’s promises, His heart for us, his hope for us, never changes. Our circumstances might change, but He never does.


How does this album differ from your earlier work?

I don’t know if this album is a huge departure or anything from albums before, but just another layer of what God is doing in our church. A layer deeper of God’s work in us, His movement in our ministry. I think the songs are more direct lyrically, with a more pointed vision for what we want to sing in church. What we want to declare to God, about God… what we want to be reminded of during our time of worship.


How do you hope this album will inspire people?

More than anything I want this album to remind people that God is ALWAYS there with them. Even if He’s quiet, even if you feel secluded and alone – you are not! He’s always moving with you, and always close, and He hasn’t forgotten about you. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that simple truth.


When not working on your own music, what’s on your Spotify playlist?

So much! I like pretty much any type of good songwriting, good production. Recently I’ve really liked Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, Chris Stapleton, Chainsmokers, Lana Del Rey… I’m kind of all over the place!


What artists inspire you?

Hillsong is a great inspiration to us on so many levels. Not just music and songwriting, but church leadership and ministry/team building. They are pioneers in so many ways.
I’m inspired by all the artists listed above…I pull inspiration from so many different songs or moments that I hear.

Check out Elevation Worship’s new album ‘There is a Cloud’ today!¬†

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