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Eliminate Daily Money Stress

Let Eli save money for you!

Eliminate Daily Money Stress
Eliminate Daily Money Stress

Eli is a brand new mobile app designed to help Christians eliminate daily money stress through a Godly approach to financial savings. You can easily set aside money that you can afford to save. By setting up automated daily money savings, you can improve your financial health and experience greater levels of freedom in your life, starting to day!

Did You Know?

  • Money is the #2 reason for divorce and one of the main causes of stress for Americans
  • 65 million Americans don’t have $400 in savings
  • 80% of US households have wives manage daily money
  • 38% surveyed answered that they don’t have set financial goals or they have tried and gave up

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What Can Eli Do For You?

 EliDo emergencies ruin your financial goals? Are you living check to  check? Need to eliminate credit card debt and don’t know where to start?

Start an Emergency Fund
Select one of our automatic savings rules and Eli will start setting aside money into your emergency fund right away. Working towards having at least $1,000 means the next time a financial emergency comes up, you’re more likely to be able to pay it and not go into more debt or derail your progress with your other goals.

Progress Tracking
We’ve set up some smaller savings goals to help you keep track of filling up your emergency fund. Once you have an emergency fund, you can begin to pursue other goals you might have such as paying off credit card debt or loan payments.

Deposit or Withdraw at Any Time!
It is your money. You are in complete control.

Connect Your Spending Account
Connect your existing spending account and move money between your account freely.

Daily Encouragement
Get prayers that are updated daily that you can pray over your life and finances. For example, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” | Philippians 4:6-7

Eli has taken care of the hardest part of saving. If you don’t yet have an emergency fund but want to start saving, Eli can help!

Why Eli?

Money stress and anxieties often distract us from trusting in God. Only God’s peace can fully satisfy our hearts and completely eliminate daily money stress. Saving little by little over time helps eliminate money stress. It keeps us prepared.

Many people have hard time making drastic changes to their lifestyle. The majority of Americans look at their left-over balance at the end of the month to save. Typically, there is not much left at the end of the month.

ELIminate Money Stress

If you are overwhelmed by keeping track of bills, expenses, desires, interest rates, late fees and so on let Eli help! Eli saves a bit every day. We’re talking the cost of a cup of coffee. By doing this you can begin saving, but it doesn’t force you to make drastic changes.

Even if you have a heavy debt burden or you feel hopeless there is still hope.  By starting to save little by little you can also begin to improve your outlook one dollar at a time!

Download Eli Now!

Get Started Today

Saving money does require discipline and that’s where Eli can help you! Let’s make a meaningful change in how you handle money and we believe that you will be able to enter a new season of freedom from financial stress.

Download the Eli app here and start saving today!



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