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Embracing Faith As The Response Of The Human Spirit To The Word Of God

Living a fulfilling life of faith

Embracing Faith As The Response Of The Human Spirit To The Word Of God
Embracing Faith As The Response Of The Human Spirit To The Word Of God

Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Embracing faith as the response of the human spirit to the word of God makes us receptive to His saving grace. There is tremendous power in the word of God. It is holy and helpful in knowing what God wants from mankind. As we all know, the Bible is an authoritative guide when it comes to living a faithful life. Have you ever had the sudden feeling of the world becoming seemingly small when reading the word of God? If yes, then we’ll attribute it to the manifesting power of the Word of God.

When the power coming from the Word of God is manifested, even the challenges that were worrying your mind disappear or seem less important. You might be wondering how and why? Behold, at such a time, the Word of God is getting into your spirit and provoking a response from your inner self. The response is what we refer to as faith.

Apostle Paul in Romans 10:17 puts it this way: “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” In simple terms, God’s Word gives birth to faith. Every time that you hear God’s Word, your spirit responds to it by creating room for faith. When faith settles in your heart, it energizes your whole being. That’s why your problems or worries in the face of faith seem to be of no effect. Note that faith is not in the realm of the physical senses; it is an attribute of the human spirit. Faith was divinely imparted into your spirit when you were born again as we can read from Romans 10:17.

Embracing faith to live a fulfilling life through Christ

Every time we hear the Word of God, it goes through our minds into our spirits. The Word of God is more like our spiritual food without which we cannot experience spiritual growth. Receiving the Word of God in our spirit makes it more real than the physical things that our senses perceive. As followers of Christ, we are taught to walk by faith and not by sight nor other senses.

Bible verses about faith point to the spiritual truth that faith is the evidence of the things we don’t see or perceive with our senses. Genuine faith is the evidence of what God’s Word says. Embracing faith leads to accepting what the Word of God says above the natural circumstances of life. That is, instead of focusing on the contrary things that your eyes or ears are perceiving about the situation at hand, you focus on what God is saying. Regularly study and meditate on God’s Word so that your faith can heal and set you free from all situations that are not in line with His will for your life.

There is a strong spiritual reaction that is ignited between your spirit and the Word of God thereby giving you dominion over the circumstances of life. During this reaction, faith rises in you like a giant and you have the assurance or certainty that you are who God says you are, you can do what God says you can do, and you have what He says you have. In addition, God loves you and wants the best for you as we can read from the top Bible verses about love.


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