Encounter God This Holiday Season With Banning Liebsher and Jesus Culture | God TV

Encounter God This Holiday Season With Banning Liebsher and Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture Encounter 2018 - Weekly on GOD TV this December

Encounter God This Holiday Season With Banning Liebsher and Jesus Culture
Encounter God This Holiday Season With Banning Liebsher and Jesus Culture

Discover the goodness of God at Jesus Culture Encounter, Manchester filmed earlier this year. We have created seven radical episodes from the event that will touch your life for years to come. These air on Sundays on GOD TV throughout December at 7.30pm.

Jesus Culture is a dynamic Christian movement that is impacting lives throughout the world as people experience encounters with God. It started as the youth outreach at Bethel Church Redding and is now a worldwide ministry of worship, events and leadership development. Jesus Culture encompasses the passionate teaching ministry of its leader, Banning Liebscher and the impactful sounds of Contemporary Christian Music chart leaders, the Jesus Culture Band.

The Jesus Culture band is led by Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilla with Ian Macintosh on keys, Jeffrey Kunde as lead guitarist, Brandon Aaronson as bassist, Josh Fisher as drummer, and Skyler Smith as acoustic guitarist. Derek Johnson and Lindy Conant  also feature during this special Manchester event, along with UK worship leaders, Luke and Anna Hellebronth from Worship Central.

In addition to Banning and Kim speakers include: Lisa Bevere of Messenger International and Ben Fitzgerald of Awakening Europe. British leaders include Alan Scott of Causeway Coast Vineyard and Phil Smith of VineLife Church.

7 life-changing messages

  1. Carrying God’s Word – Banning Leibscher
    When God speaks to us us, how do we carry that word? “Your life should look different after the Word than before the Word. When God speaks to us it is to change us!” How do we pray, prepare and partner with God to see His Word come to pass in our lives?
  2. Transforming Everyday Culture – Alan Scott
    Transforming the culture that you live in everyday. Faith in the workplace, school, home and on the street not just at church on a Sunday. For years the church has lived intimidated by culture but you can’t change culture if you hide from it. “He empowers us to engage culture NOT escape from it.” “I seek God in the supernatural but He meets me in the mundane.”
  3. How Do We Grow? – Kim Walker Smith
    God’s timing is perfect. In this session Kim sets out five ways we can grow and pursue God. How you respond to the season, how you respond to the moment, it matters. Embrace the season you are in.
  4. Vision Without Rival – Lisa Bevere
    “One moment in the presence of God can change everything.” In this message Lisa shares on knowing your time and place in God’s plan and sharing how we can be intentional and connected to His vision before anything else.
  5. Lioness Arising – Lisa Bevere
    Lisa shares some of the revelations from her book, Lioness Arising. “If we’re going to be healthy we need the voice of fathers and mothers in the house of God.” She shares that women are foundational within the God’s Kingdom and the Great Commission is for ALL of us. At the core of everything in our walk with God is this key: where our affirmation and our identity comes from changes everything.
  6. Faith FULL Obedience – Phil Smith
    How do we move from faithful obedience to faith FULL obedience? Phil shares from Luke 5 and unpacks Jesus showcasing that all things are possible, it is up to us how we respond in the moment. We can respond with obedience OR we can respond with faith filled obedience. Always be prepared for God to follow through on His Word, this demonstrates not only that you believe Him but that you are ready for Him to answer.
  7. Freedom From Fear – Ben Fitzgerald
    How can God IN us break the spirit of fear? Ben Fitzgerald shares his powerful testimony including the story of his father’s mental health struggle which resulted in suicide. This has a profound impact on him while growing up and Ben became a drug addiction. But God’s plans and purposes prevailed and now he leads citywide revivals in Europe and just recently in Australia.

About the speakers

  • Banning Liebscher is the founder of Jesus Culture, In 2014, he and the team planted Jesus Culture Sacramento, a church committed to seeing believers encounter God, be empowered as world changers, and engage their city as leaders. He is the author of three books, including: Rooted: the Hidden Places Where God Develops You.
  • Kim Walker-Smith is a passionate worship leader with an anointing to bring a new generation into an encounter with God. Kim has been a part of Jesus Culture since the start of the ministry and is an integral part of the team. Her heart is to see people transformed by experiencing God’s love and for this generation to see themselves the way God does.
  • Lisa Bevere’s authentic, passionate, and witty teachings weave profound Biblical truths with practical application. A New York Times best-selling author, her books are in the hands of millions worldwide. Lisa and her husband John are the founders of Messenger International.
  • Alan Scott is the founder of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland which has planted several other churches and is the originator and catalyst for the Healing on the Streets Movement. He and his wife Kathryn spend much of their time thinking and dreaming of ways to lead the Church beyond the building.
  • Originally from Melbourne- Australia, Ben Fitzgerald met Jesus in an encounter that deeply changed his life in late in 2002 whilst he was in great darkness. Since then he has lived to show the world Jesus in everyday life, He served as a pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, and is now leads Awakening Europe in Germany. GOD TV has aired many of his events LIVE from Nuremberg, Stockholm and Prague.
  • Phil Smith is the pastor of Vinelife Church, part of the Jesus Culture family, based in Manchester, UK. He and his wife Sarah are passionate about building an authentic community who encounter God, are fully empowered into their identity and who engage their city to lead in every area of society and culture. Phil is the Jesus Culture UK director and has been part of the Jesus Culture team pioneering a new student movement in British universities known as ‘Campus Awakening’.




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