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Encountering God Is For Everyone

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Encountering God Is For Everyone
Encountering God Is For Everyone

Authenticity and reality are foundational elements of the Kingdom of Heaven. What’s more, it is also what this generation is searching for.

Let’s Be Honest

As ambassadors of Heaven, we are committed to facilitating ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’. Therefore, we must be dedicated to reality and authenticity as part of who we are and how we live. This effectively outlaws the wearing of masks, the pretense of holiness, and religious box ticking.

The story of the ’emperor’s new clothes’ seems both illustrative and appropriate in this context. There was such political correctness, pretense and fear that it took a child to call it as it really was and declare the emperor to be naked not dressed in fine invisible clothes!

Now what?

It’s time to stop pretending and be painfully honest. It’s time to stop faking and call it as it actually is. Hypocrisy was something Jesus reserved outspoken condemnation for –  He longs that you would eradicate it from your heart! When others are describing their God encounters what is your response? What primary emotion surfaces? Do you repeat their experience as thought it was yours?

Be determined and intentional in being real with God about your relationship with Him. Be tenaciously honest with Him and yourself. Remember, God’s heart and plan for you is to live in a spirit connection with Him that is real, authentic, constant and soaked in love.

Do you pretend or do you run to Daddy? Are you asking Him for your own, private, personal and face to face encounter and embrace? I encourage you to journal your thoughts, but also what Holy Spirit shows you about this.

Encountering The Truth

Experiencing and encountering God is not for the few but for all – including you! There is no need to pretend for the sake of appearances or to console ourselves. Don’t settle for less than God has for you. There is often a cost to walk this road but it leads to a glorious, liberating, ecstatic place of openness with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit – bliss!

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