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Experiencing God The Father For The First Time

What’s it like to touch God the Father when you’ve been afraid of Him your whole life?

Experiencing God The Father For The First Time
Experiencing God The Father For The First Time

God, do You want me?

As a young child, many expectations placed themselves on my shoulders. I felt like I had to live up to the image everyone had of me. As a result, I grew to fear God the Father because I couldn’t connect with Him. I only identified with Jesus, who knew pain and sorrow.

From my perspective, God was distant and couldn’t possibly understand me. I saw Him only as a judge, not as a friend or even a father. Why would He want me if I couldn’t live up to His standards?

The good news is that He couldn’t and refused to leave me in the darkness. After experiencing My Father, for the first time in 2018, His love radically changed my life.

I was the one He searched out.

The ninety-and-nine

The hymn “The ninety-and-nine”  written by Elizabeth C. Clephane, brings to life the words of Jesus found in Luke 15:1-7.

In it, the Shepherd is asked: “Lord, Thou hast here Thy ninety-and-nine, are they not enough for Thee?”

However, Jesus responds: “This of Mine has wandered away from Me, and although the road is rough and steep, I will go to the desert to find My sheep.”

If you’ll accept it, right now, He’s doing the same for you.

Fear is a liar

Holy Spirit had led me on a journey to relinquish everything the world offers. Little did I know that the fast I was on had a higher purpose.

In addition to filling me with the Word of God and Bible teachings, the Holy Spirit was preparing me for the most magnificent and glorious encounter of my life.

He started by addressing fear.

Fear suffocated me to the point that even though I knew God loved me, I was terrified He’d send me to hell every time I sinned. Even after hearing His voice, I’d suddenly remember my sins. In torment, I was crippled by guilt and terror.

God’s grace is enough

Then, I heard life-changing words: “You have to trust that His grace and mercy are enough.”

Considering those words for the first time, God the Father transformed my worldview in a split-second. I no longer wondered what would happen if God condemned me.

Instead, I asked Him:

“God, You really do love and have a plan for me?”

“I can actually be happy?”

In one second, exuberant joy welled inside me as the truth of God’s love embraced me. I had a Father, one who accepted me just as I was and for the miraculous work He would perform in my life.

God is big enough to fill the emptiness of life

I quickly learned that it was futile attempting to have my feet in the world, with my hands lifted toward Heaven. My feet are what I use to travel, and the road of despair is gruesome and lonely.

So, God brought me to the Promised Land and drew a line (See Joshua 24).

“It’s either all of Me or none of Me” He said.

At first, I wondered what I’d do with all the emptiness in my life. Once I tasted God’s love and glory, I realized that God is big enough to fill all of my life.

A moment of reflection

I’ve never had as much fun or experienced such intense, fulfilling joy until I met God. Trust and surrender, coupled with obedience, set me free.

Jesus’ voice is sweet and healing, and He stilled my soul in His arms. His jealousy for me saved my life (2 Corinthians 11:2).

Exposing my sins, He set me free. They were in the light of His countenance (Psalm 90:8), but now they are as far away from me as the east is from the west (Psalm 103: 12).

A call to action

If you’re struggling to believe in God’s love and redemption, ask yourself: am I mixing satan’s lies and vomit with the beauty of God’s truth?

If you can identify one area of contamination, then it’s time to draw a line in the sand.  Shout to the Jesus: “It’s all of You from here on out!”

At first, it’s not easy to walk in surrender, but God is worth all the pain we could experience.

So, today, even now, God is challenging and asking you:

Have you thought about what would happen if you considered the truth instead?


Discover the Father’s heart through the only prayer God the Father wrote in the Bible.


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