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Exploring the Trinity…

There are three of them!

There are three of them. This is not an attempt to explain the Trinity; nobody can do that except God. It’s equivalent to expecting an ant to explain quantum physics! However, I would like to ask you this: who do you address your prayers to – Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God, Lord or someone else? I am convinced (not least because of the profound joy in my own heart and life that grew from this revelation), that we are immeasurably enriched by being intentional in deepening our relationship with each of the three persons on the Godhead.


The love I derived from my parents was very different from the love I received from my spouse and neither of those contributed to what the love of a close friend has done. So there is a fullness of love for us to discover in the love of our Father, Jesus our Bridegroom, and our constant confidant and friend, Holy Spirit. To know only the love of one is to deny ourselves the joy of reveling in the fabulous, extravagant and bottomless love that resides in each of them.

I urge you to develop a relationship with each of them, experience the unique love of each of them and discover security, stability and rest that defy description!

Invest your love and your time to nurture and deepen these three love relationships and in time you will know a level of closeness with them that you didn’t think was possible. Engaging with them relationally and “in the spirit” is a million years away from increasing the amount that we know about them!

Power of Encounter

Intellectual understanding is a very poor substitute for encounter, so don’t settle for less than all that God has for you. Each member of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, has a unique “voice” of their own. Often Father speaks through His creation, Jesus speaks through the living Word and through other people to you, and Holy Spirit speaks from within your spirit and you “know” His voice.  Most of the Christian world today follows the written word as the primary means of God speaking to man. Although the Bible certainly is one of the most amazing means, there are the multiple different “voices”, of the Trinity that He is choosing to utilize in His desire to deepen His love relationship with you.


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