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Faith And Trust Are Finely Developed Skills

How to operate in faith.

Faith And Trust Are Finely Developed Skills
Faith And Trust Are Finely Developed Skills

Faith and trust are spiritual gifts that operate in realms unseen to bring into the realms of the seen. It is the evidence of things not seen. How does one operationalise faith? We talk a lot about having faith in God and to just trust and not doubt. These sometimes appear vague and difficult to understand. Faith is trust, is hope, and is evidence. However, it is difficult to operate in faith when we have been brought up to operate in what we see. Seeing is believing. However, we don’t need faith if we can see. God operates in the unseen realms. God is Spirit. We, therefore, need to trust Him for things.

Overcome Through Faith

Abraham believed in God. The Bible is full of stories of how people obtained things from God and overcame them through faith. Faith, therefore, is an essential path to commune with God. We all have a measure of faith. According to your faith be it unto you. And there are times when the gift of faith is in operation to work miracles. Without faith, we cannot please God. All who come to God must come by faith. We can grow in faith. Therefore faith can be seen as a fruit of the Spirit.

Trust: Final Words

It sounds silly, but I have faith in that car parking space. The same faith that led me to Jesus is exercised for all other needs. I need to exercise faith when I pray for healing. And once I see people healed then my faith increases to see more healing. It is like a skill that needs to be developed. The more we practice the greater the results. Step out today and practice operating in faith for needs in yourself and in others and see God come through in signs and wonders. God loves to answer and will respond to faith. Some say you spell faith like this: R-I-S-K. We need to take the risk and be bold. Happy faith adventures to you.

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