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How Should Christians Act in the Workplace?

Let’s Get Real about Faith at Work

In this episode of Let’s Get Real the panel discuss faith at work, sharing what it means to be a woman of God in the workplace. Irene Nlandu talks about being single and godly and Krish Kandiah on the ‘strangeness’ of God.

Join Sue Eldridge, Alison Wilson,  Chris Larkin, and Preethy Kurian on Let’s Get Real, episode 2 and be inspired. Preethy starts things off by recognizing the value of Christians working in secular environments. “Church is not restricted to two hours on Sunday,” she says. “We are the Church, we are the Kingdom of God that goes into different places. We’re called to the workplace, I think its very important for Christians to be in the workplace and share their faith at work.”

It’s true, we sometimes think that our Christian persona is restricted in full expression to a church setting but that’s not how Jesus operated, He was Himself everywhere He went impacting the world with Kingdom values. So as born-again Spirit-filled Christians what stops us from doing the same? Let’s not be shy to share our faith at work.

Faith at work – can we be ourselves?

Alison feels we ought to be free to be ourselves in our places of work but recognizes that we need to adapt to the setting. Chris answers by adding, “Sadly we’re not often free to be ourselves; there’s a lot we can’t say and do, I had to learn I’m in a different Kingdom at work and accept that Jesus said we’re in the world but not of it”.

It’s all about respecting your workplace rules and regulations, yet carrying the Kingdom with you to be the salt and the light. I like what Preethy says “We’re called to impact culture and every sphere”. But it’s knowing how to do that and not come across as all preachy and religious.

The panel agrees it’s not good to just shove religion down peoples throats. And Sue brings up a valid point, “If we don’t get out into the world if we don’t take us, filled with Jesus and filled with his love into the world then we’re just gonna be up on a hill watching it die –full-time ministry is your life”

Not everyone is called to be a church leader but all of us are called to “go into the world and make disciples”. This can come in a variety of ways and Alison relays a story of how the Holy Spirit gives her insight into people’s underlying issues which has led her to lead them to Christ.

“I worked as I lived, I was the same in my work situation as I was at home, as I was at church”.

Sue emphasizes the need for us to be the same person whether we are at home, at church, or in our workplace,” I worked as I lived, I was the same in my work situation as I was at home, as I was at church”.As born-again Spirit-filled Christians, we carry the Lord with us wherever we go.

This includes taking into account our culture and that of others. Guest Irene Nlandu of  Eastgate Church joins the panel and shares some of the difficulties in overcoming cultural boundaries and being real about how she was feeling. “I try being me and being the best version of myself and I believe that this creates a space for people to just be themselves”

Being ourselves, keeping it real can be a challenge especially when you’re from another country and you’re in a new job but keeping lines of communication open is key as Irene found.

Guest, Dr. Krish Kandiah joins the ladies and talks about the importance of missiology. What does it mean to read between the lines and see God in the stranger on the street or in our work colleague? In Krish’s book, God is Stranger – What happens when God shows up he explores reading the awkward parts of scripture to see where God is and draws parallels with the way we treat strangers. “If we begin to see other people wherever they’re from, whatever their background as an opportunity to serve God – just being in the office – there are opportunities to show hospitality. And hospitality is at the heart of God!

Faith at work

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This article was written by UK author and speaker, Deborah Armin who is a graduate of the London School of Theology. Her book On My Way Home: One Woman’s Journey in Search of the Unknown God, is published by Authentic Media. Deborah is also a staff writer for


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