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Your Faith Journey Awaits, Step Up To The Plate

Take responsibility for yourself!

Your Faith Journey Awaits, Step Up To The Plate
Your Faith Journey Awaits, Step Up To The Plate

Take responsibility for yourself on your faith journey! As you mature in your faith (if you do – many Christians do not) it slowly dawns on you that the boundaries and limits you have set for your faith are often misplaced, erroneous, incomplete and way too small to accommodate the vastness of the Godhead.

Letting Go Of The Past

Many people simply accept the system with its limitations and shortcomings, even when it includes manipulation, control, and corruption. Increasingly there are other people who decide to pursue a wider, deeper way to explore and develop their life with God, beyond their previous walls. This isn’t about walking away from faith in Jesus but rather a path of the discovery of more. In order to better perceive His kingdom, with its protocol, culture, and values we must embrace a way of thinking and believing that outstrips the common, institutionally produced set of doctrines and dogmas of our past.

Take Responsibility

It’s wrong for us to judge another but we must take responsibility for our own journey. And we must follow the gracious, loving and kind voice of Him who calls us—not with obligation but with devotion. When He asks you to launch out beyond the safety of convention and the ‘known’ will you stay on the path you know or risk going out on the ‘unknown’ path He calls you to? We stay along the wrong path mostly because we think it is our obligation to do so but is it? What exactly are we obligated to?

The ‘going off-piste’ that the religious minders decry, the path that’s not floodlighted and littered with uncertainty, where the map only shows you the next step, is challenging but incredibly rewarding and enlightening. This journey relies on the ‘connectedness’ to Jesus to enable us to live in faith. The few are often badly misunderstood by the many and the theological police are extreme in their harsh treatment. They cannot comprehend a desire to depart from what they are accustomed to. In the Bible, they are called Pharisees.

Journey: Don’t Quit

If you are listening to the master’s voice and bravely carving out your own new path – don’t quit, keep pressing forward – you are on course and there are many more pioneers than you know. It was always meant to be an adventure.

Depending on others to tell you what to do and where to go will rarely lead you to destiny. Leaders can’t do what we require; only we can answer God’s call and plan for our life. Going forward view as mentors rather than managers, leading a family not a business or organization and as loving peers to help and support in our difficult times. Responsibility for leadership in your spiritual life ultimately rests with you! The ‘pearl of great price’ is to hear His voice, rest your head on His chest and follow His example. This journey is full of revelation, contentment, fulfillment, and destiny. Pursue Him if you dare….

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