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Family Sings Powerful Worship Song For Jesus

Family Sings Powerful Worship Song For Jesus
Family Sings Powerful Worship Song For Jesus

Seeing the whole family giving praises to our living God feels like heaven. The way they sing this wonderful song for Jesus is so amazing! They just filled their car with the presence of God. How They honor God through their talents is truly an inspiration.

This family made a christian rendition of the song ‘Meant to Be’ by Bebe Rexha. How they changed the lyrics of the song into a powerful hymn of praise will surely put a smile in your heart. They are truly blessed with wonderful talents.

Both parents were also able to teach their children how to honor and glorify God. Seeing the kids joyfully worshipping God with their Mom and Dad will melt your heart. These kids would possibly grow-up knowing the love of Christ. It will serve as their strong and unshaken foundation.

This family is sensational. They inspired millions of people and when you get to hear them sing, you will realize that it is really possible for everyone to worship God. Even the little kids can passionately do it just like how these adorable girls sing praises to our Living God with their parents.

Watch and prepare your heart to melt with this beautiful rendition :

Rejoice, HE is Risen🙏🏼 #Sennaya🤦🏽‍♀️lol P.S The car is OFF, yes safety first✊🏼 IG: @supafly_sua @easter.mailealo Rexha, Florida Georgia Line- Meant to Be)

Posted by Sam N Easter on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Credits: NayaRana World

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