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Dad Gave Up Music After Losing First Child, But Now Plays Guitar For Miracle Baby

"Thank you for bringing music back into our lives.”

Dad Gave Up Music After Losing First Child, But Now Plays Guitar For Miracle Baby
Dad Gave Up Music After Losing First Child, But Now Plays Guitar For Miracle Baby

A dad gave up his passion for music after losing his first-born child, but now, he is playing his guitar for his miracle baby in a viral video!

James Huang

James Huang first started to learn how to play the guitar when he found out that he was going to be a father last year. He couldn’t wait to finally meet his little one and serenade his child. However, things turned out unexpectedly when his wife, Twinkle, suffered a miscarriage.

“I picked up the guitar a little over a year ago dreaming about singing to our little one during our first pregnancy, but stopped after our tragic miscarriage, losing hope and music in my life,” James wrote in his Instagram post.

Music for Miracle Baby

The supposedly first-time father stopped playing the guitar. He gave up his passion for music because of that heartbreaking tragedy. But almost a year after, he picked up his guitar again after welcoming his newborn son earlier this year.

“The day we found out about @dear.jahaan, I picked up the guitar again wanting to sing to our baby, and willing music to keep our baby safe.”

Miracle Baby

Jahaan is considered to be a miracle, not only because he defied all the odds and survived being born prematurely, but he also healed his parents’ broken hearts and painted a smile on them again. To celebrate his son’s fifth month, he serenaded him with a very beautiful song. He posted the video of that moment with a message to everyone.

“Although shy to put this on social media and clearly not perfect, I want @dear.jahaan to know it’s never too late to pick up and learn something new at any age and to put himself out there. We have a tendency to only show perfection online, but it’s in the vulnerability of progress that we find a piece of ourselves and the meaning of life: a beautiful never-ending cycle of being the best version of yourself.”

Father’s Love

The first-time dad then ended his Instagram post expressing how he loves his son so much.

“Happy 5 months my little miracle baby. I couldn’t help falling in love with you from the first day you gripped my finger, minutes after you were born. May you continue to progress beautifully as you have these past few months. Thank you for bringing music back into our lives.”


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