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Feeling Unqualified? God will equip You!

Feeling Unqualified? God will equip You!
Feeling Unqualified? God will equip You!

Have you ever felt that you are not enough? That you don’t have enough talents or skills it takes for you to fulfill the present responsibilities you have? That you are incompetent and you don’t have enough ability to do the tasks that needs to be done?

If these questions are familiar to you, then be informed that the voices that you heard are exactly coming from the enemy. The truth is exactly the opposite. You are a child of God and nothing is impossible for you.

If you are given an impossible task right now and you noticed that people around you are more skilled and talented than you, then be reminded by how Jesus boldly shared the word of God in the synagogue in front of the scholar, scribes and pharisees with full confidence, that’s how we boldy face those people we think that are much greater than us.
If God gave you that task then know that He will equip you. He will give you the resources and the skills that you need just on time. So do not panic and allow God to use you. Learn to trust fully to our God to equip you. Because if we will only do what we in our natural ability are capable of doing, then how does that display God’s Glory?

If He will use you in things you think you can’t possibly do, then know that it is the exact time for you to allow God to display His glory through you. Have faith and let God be honored and glorified in your life.

Watch as Preacher Priscilla Shirer shares to you this wonderful message:

Credits: Going Beyond Ministries

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