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Have You Ever Read About the Feminism in the Bible?

Have You Ever Read About the Feminism in the Bible?
Have You Ever Read About the Feminism in the Bible?

Christian Feminism?

I recently attended an exclusive brunch, designed to help women across my country and visitors from abroad network. In a world of rising feminism agendas, confused genders and uproars over gender definitions, every lady in the room was asked a simple question; ‘ What does being feminine mean to you?’
I had never thoroughly thought of it, I gave an answer which, though it was met with applause and consenting nods, didn’t feel like a complete answer.

If asked that question again, I pondered on what my answer would be.

What does being feminine mean to me?

I look at the story of the woman caught in adultery, about to be stoned as instant justice is meted out to her. Jesus saves her from the crowd, reminding her of her worth, that none in the crowd was better than her. Feminine means God seeing my value, when no one sees my value, even when I see nothing worthy in myself, judging myself by society’s harsh standards. Being feminine means I am God’s precious daughter, held at the highest value despite and in spite of my actions and inactions. Being feminine is understanding that my worth is beyond what others judge as incomplete or imperfection in me. The stones are dropped, Daddy saves His little girl by His own blood; I am worth more than precious stones.

Feminism is that woman whose daughter was demon-possessed, the disciples tried to turn her away, but she would not budge. Perseverance. Jesus likened her to dogs; she was not offended. Determined. Feminism is determination and perseverance. She knew Jesus had the cure, the solutions for her life issues, and nothing was going to turn her away. Jesus was impressed by her faith. Feminism is perseverance, determination, and stubborn faith.

Feminism is the woman at the well. She found the Messiah and she didn’t keep quiet about it, she went and told her whole village about the Messiah, leading the village and generations to come to the saving knowledge of the Saviour. Feminism is searching for the truth, standing for the truth and using the truth to impact generations.
That is what being feminine means to me.

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