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Find Fulfillment By Subscribing To the Right Voices

Find Fulfillment By Subscribing To the Right Voices
Find Fulfillment By Subscribing To the Right Voices

It is not enough to hear powerful faith content one time, we need to be reminded of God’s Word regularly, and we need to return to our fulfillment in God over and over throughout our lives. God doesn’t call us to a one-time decision of faith, but to a life of walking by faith day in and day out where we will experience a growing experience of fulfillment in Him.

Scripture says, “So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have.” (2 Peter 1:12) Several times, Peter talks about the importance of being reminded…even of what we already know.

One of the most important spiritual keys you will ever hear is the importance of continually getting reminders of powerful spiritual truths.

Peter is telling us to make it a habit. Many of us have habits we don’t think about, like pouring a cup of coffee in the morning, or praying before a meal. We need to set a precedent in our lives of continually returning to this all important habit of hearing powerful spiritual truths over and over to remind our hearts to return and connect with our fulfillment in God.

There are so many voices shouting at us so loudly these days. No other generation has had as much content as we have. Dave Ferguson has written that one email from a major news corporation contains more information that a person in 17th Century England was likely to encounter in a lifetime. Our attention spans may be shorter than ever, but we take in more content than past generations simply by picking up our phone and scrolling through social media throughout the day. Do you ever scroll through social media for a few minutes, and just feel icky inside, and you’re not sure why? There are so many things we read in a brief second and scroll by that affect us emotionally, and we don’t ever stop to process these feelings. Then these emotions build and we suddenly find ourselves overwhelmed by the cares and pressures of life.

This is why we need to make sure we are subscribed to the right voices. Mainly, we need powerful faith content in our lives that helps us return from the cares and pressures of life to our fulfillment of God. And more than any news, celebrity or popular pastor – we primarily need the habit of hearing the Word of God. Only God’s Word promises to not return void. Only God’s Word will go on forever.

We don’t need another word from the world. We need to establish ways to continually be reminded by powerful faith content – of our fulfillment in God, and of His Word to us each day.

Take a Step: Think of one news source or person you follow that you should unsubscribe to, in order to bring more peace into your life. Think of one person you should subscribe to, to remind you of fulfillment in God. More importantly, begin a habit of getting into the Word of God each day.

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This is an excerpt from the e-book “5 Spiritual Keys to Finding Fulfillment in God” by Matt Brown. You can download this e-book for free right now at:  

 Matt Brown is an evangelist, author of Truth Plus Love, host of Think Eternity with Matt Brown, and founder of Think Eternity — a ministry sharing powerful faith content through podcasts, blogs, videos, outreaches and more. You can follow Matt at @evangelistmatt

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