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Finding My Identity While Letting Go Of My Insecurity

"Here is the face of a once depressed, anxiety filled boy..." Trevor Tyson

Finding My Identity While Letting Go Of My Insecurity
Finding My Identity While Letting Go Of My Insecurity

“But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.” (1 Corinthians 6:17) Media Personality and Mental health Advocate, Trevor Tyson, opened up recently on his Instagram about his insecurities and his identity shift. Since the post went up, Trevor has received an overwhelming response of support.

In the photo, Trevor is standing in a black and off-white flannel jacket with one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone as he poses for a mirror selfie.

The caption reads. “I’ve debated on posting this or not but here it is. Here is the face of a once depressed, anxiety-filled boy from Social Circle, Ga. The difference about this picture is that the anxiety and depression aren’t in my identity anymore. God delivered me from it and He can for you too. Do I still have times of doubt and struggle? Yes. But it’s not found in my identity. This is me at @radiocitymusichall walking in the path He created me for. So why would I debate posting this or not? I’ve always been really insecure about the way I look and judgmental of myself… But thank God, He delivered me from that too. This is me. I am who I am. This is my life. Welcome to #trevortalks.”

Trevor said that he wanted to inspire and help people with the post.

Trevor speaks volumes when he says that anxiety and depression are not part of his identity anymore. One thing we all seem to forget is that our identity cannot be found in our illnesses or the things we like. Those things don’t define who we are. God does. Our identity can only be found in Him.

Four Ways Finding Identity in Christ Changes Us

One thing we have to remember is that scars come with living. We go through things in life but those things do not define us.

  1. We don’t need to chase after the desires of the flesh.
  2. One no longer has to fear the future.
  3. We no longer compare ourselves to others.
  4. One is not surprised when suffering comes.

Something I have always struggled with is that third one. Comparing myself to others. I get all “she has this and all I have is this.” I know I shouldn’t but a lot of the time I can’t help it. I know my identity is in Christ but sometimes comparison creeps in. Comparison can suck the life out of us and I find conviction in that. Biblical convictions are hard and fast truths that God has given us in the Bible to show us how to live. Personal convictions, however, are decisions we make for ourselves that may be right for one person but wrong for another. And sometimes it is easy to confuse the two.

Sarah Walton of Unlocking The Bible said, “This can also create insecurity in our own choices due to our desire to please man over God,” she also said, “We can ask Christ for wisdom in this area of personal convictions, be open to hear and discern other’s perspectives without judgment, and then walk in confidence that God is the only one we need to honor and please in these decisions.”

Insecurity and Me

I’ll admit it, I am an insecure person. I have grown but I still compare myself to others. Why do we find ourselves seeking an identity outside of Christ even though we know it will lead to insecurities? Our lack of confidence fuels our insecurities.

In his article Insecurity And Me, Trevor Tyson wrote, “It isn’t an overnight process. This is a mindset and a truth that you will literally have to teach yourself. Being you and loving yourself can be very hard for a lot of people.” Trevor went on to say, “You deserve happiness and a winning mindset, just as everyone else does. To obtain that mindset and start slaying your giant of insecurity… it starts with your own thoughts in your own head. Start your journey to finding your value in God – today.”

Just be happy, kind, and love others. We are created not only in His image but to be like Him. So, if He is kind, love-giving, merciful, and forgiving, shouldn’t we be as well? Yes. The more we put our trust in Christ where our identity lies, the less likely we are to compare ourselves and fall into an insecure life.


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