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Finding The Best College For Me: International Christian University

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Finding The Best College For Me: International Christian University
Finding The Best College For Me: International Christian University

The US has a variety of post-high school education choices offer.  This may make it seem beyond reason to attend a foreign college. However, Abraham, Moses, and Joseph were all called to strange new lands. Thus, a calling is as strong as the One giving it. The world is a huge place; there are many schools to choose from. Colleges like International Christian University provide a solid Biblical education, but with one unique aspect. The college is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

About International Christian University

    • Location – International Christian University is unique in that it is located, not in the US, but Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.
    • Accreditation – International Christian University has its accreditation through the Japanese University Accreditation Association. They offer four-year Bachelor’s degrees, Graduate programs, and a Post-graduate program.
    • Ranking – The school ranks at number 11 on the World University Rankings for Japan Universities.
    • Denomination Affiliation – The university is a nondenominational school with a mission embodied within three commitments; to pursue Academic freedom through International reach with a rooted Christian philosophy.

Campus Life

Especially attending a foreign college, one of the primary considerations a student makes is on-campus life. International Christian University is a large campus. It has a wide variety of activities for students. All its accommodations are within a quick walk or bike ride across the facility.

    • Living Accommodations – Students are not required to live on campus. The campus has ten dorms available to students. They are divided between grade level and male and female.
    • Population – The medium student size has an attendance of around 3000 students, many are international. They have a student to faculty ratio of 12:1.
    • Student Life – The large campus offers a library, physical education center, auditorium, dining hall, museum, and several chapels. It would take another article to list all the extra-curricular activities International Christian University has to offer. Here is a link to their clubs and activities.
    • Spiritual Life – Chapel Hour occurs one day a week. It is an open period hour, and no other class, lecture, or campus event occurs during this time. However, attendance is optional. This freedom given is to students in the hope that the challenge to develop a responsibility to actively seek and explore their life’s dream of serving God and humanity.

Popular Majors at International Christian University

ICU offers two degree programs with 31 major choices. Each path leads to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

    • Undergraduate – International Christian University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in 31 major categories; Education, Psychology, Business, and Natural Sciences are among the programs offered.
    • Graduate – They offer five Graduate programs with seven Master’s degrees available; Education, Public Administration, and Natural Sciences are among them.
    • Post-Graduate – The university also offers a Doctorate program in Philosophy

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – ICU, being a foreign school, does not require a High School transcript or GPA. They require an ACT and SAT, but no minimum scores required. However, the average for admitted students was an SAT score of 1370 and an ACT score of 28. Two scores are required minimums; International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 and Test of English as a Foreign Language (OEFL) score of 79. These are, of course, for Japanese speaking applicants.
    • Fees – The admission fee, called a matriculation fee, is ¥300,000 or just about $2,800.
    • Cost – The cost for undergraduates to attend International Christian University, before financial aid, is just under ¥1,419,000, or just over $13K per year. Add another $3500 per year to live in a dorm on campus.

The Final Word

Financial Aid is available, however, not through the traditional FAFSA sources. Their site has financing information. Most scholarships and grants have specific criteria.

It is one thing to live in another state; living abroad is a major decision. But following God’s call is the most important decision to make; it is a great honor, especially when it takes you to exciting new places. Go where God leads you. A student must take the step of faith; it is God’s job to line up the path, and He will.  Therefore, spend time in prayer and seek the advice of trusted friends and mentors. These confidants will give you the insight needed. He led Isaiah and gave him the promise of lighting the way; He will lead the way for you as well.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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