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Finding The Best College For Me: Pensacola Christian College

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Finding The Best College For Me: Pensacola Christian College
Finding The Best College For Me: Pensacola Christian College

As students start the next step of their education, one group, in particular, has more on their plate than the others; the High School Senior. This will be the year major decisions will highly impact the rest of your life. Through the latter half of your Junior year and most of the summer, you may have been inundated with college introductory letters or the postcard mailers. Schools from California to Pensacola Christian College. Now you need to weed through the pile and begin to prepare to choose where to further your education.

About Pensacola Christian College

    • Location – Pensacola Christian College is in the city of Pensacola. It is located in the northwestern portion of the panhandle, not far from Pensacola Bay and the Alabama state line.
    • Ratings – PCC is a highly rated college on the list of the Best Christian Colleges in Florida by Niche.
    • Denomination Affiliation – PCC is an independent college, but it does draw many of its beliefs from the independent Baptist faith.

Campus Life

A student’s life on-campus is a big part of the decision-making process. If you are not going to enjoy where you live, it will make schooling that much more difficult. Here is a bit of info on life at Pensacola Christian College.

    • Living Accommodations – All out of state students must live on campus. Freshmen and Sophomores will live in Residence Halls; upperclassmen, if over 23, may live off-campus or if they choose to live in the Residence Hall, they must live on the specified 23-yr-old floor.
    • Academics – The school has around 4700 students. They have a student to faculty ratio of 14 to one.
    • Spiritual Life – Students are involved with chapel services four times a week, and the college has an on-campus church for worship services.
    • Student Life – Extracurricular activities include: Athletics, Musical Opportunities, Student outings, and various student social events. They also have a group called the Collegians that help the students grow in Unity, Academics, Leadership, and Service.

Popular Majors at Pensacola Christian College

There are nine academic divisions in over 59 areas of study. Each staying current with the times and maintaining Biblical Truth.

    • Online – PCC does offer Online Learning, visit the site for details.
    • Undergraduate – Nursing is the most popular major for students. Among other majors are Elementary Education, Criminal Justice, Biblical Studies, Management, and Graphic Design.
    • Graduate – Pensacola Christian College also offers six programs for Graduate study. Business, Education, Nursing, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Seminary.

Pensacola Christian College: Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – PCC requires a High School or previous College transcript or equivalent. Preferably above a 2.0 GPA.
    • Scores – When applying, you are required to submit a minimum SAT score of 960 and an ACT score of 18.
    • Fees – Along with your application, there is a $50 application fee.
    • Cost – The cost of attending Pensacola Christian College for a fulltime Freshman before grants, scholarships, and financial aid is around 13K per year; this includes room and board.

Pensacola Christian College: Final Word

Pensacola Christian College, while a smaller school, has many nuances of a larger university. A top-notch education, college sports, and extracurricular activities. The base cost is on the lower end of the scale. However, that does not in any way, reflect the type of education you will receive at PCC. The school does offer four means of financial aid.

There are things to consider when selecting a college, especially when it is out of state. Many colleges and universities require first-year students to live on campus. However, with PCC, all students under the age of 23 must live in the Resident Halls unless you are a local Florida resident.

Major decisions, like selecting a college, must be looked at in detail. How does the school line up with your calling, where is it located, as well as the costs of tuition? Spend time in prayer and seeking Godly advice from trusted individuals. God will show you the way you should go, the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies today, and the furtherance of your education.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.



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