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Finding the Best College for Me: Southwestern Christian University

Equipping students for a life of learning, leadership, and service.

Finding the Best College for Me: Southwestern Christian University
Finding the Best College for Me: Southwestern Christian University

As a High School student takes its first steps in the real world, the first major decision they will make is which college to attend. The build-up from the middle of their Junior year and through their Senior is a crucial time in a teen’s life. But what school should they attend? With so many choices, the process can be mind-numbing. Southwestern Christian University is among a student’s decision to become their Alma Mater.

About Southwestern Christian University

    • Location – This college is in the heart of Oklahoma in the city of Bethany. It is just five miles from Oklahoma City.
    • Accreditation – Southwestern Christian University is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission; they are accredited to operate as a degree-granting institution of higher education.
    • Ranking – The school ranks in the top 10% on several categories of colleges in Oklahoma, as well as nationally, according to Niche.
    • Denomination Affiliation – The college is affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Campus Life

While SCU may be considered a small university, it has much to offer students. One of the things a prospective student looks at when making their choice is what campus life has to offer. This college campus offers many opportunities for students to become involved;  not only in their studies but with extracurricular and social activities that make college the learning and spiritual-developing atmosphere it should be.

    • Living Accommodations – Students who are younger than 20 are required to live on campus unless they are local students who reside at home with a parent or guardian. The campus has four residence halls. All are co-ed with men and women living on separate floors.
    • Population – The small college has an attendance of around 600 students. They have a student to faculty ratio of 15:1. Southwestern Christian University is less competitive regarding applicants; they have a high, 77%, acceptance rate.
    • Student Life – Southwestern provides students multiple clubs and organizations to become involved with like a Rotary club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Music Ministry, to name a few. They also have twelve intramural sports for the active student.
    • Spiritual Life – Along with ample student life, the spirit is also fed. Many student-led ministries, like the Chapel band and Identified Services, which is a student-led worship experience that meets regularly. The campus also has Chapel services, several small groups, and events that enrich a student’s spiritual life.

Popular Majors at Southwestern Christian University

Southwestern Christian University offers 12 degree programs with over 117 major choices. Each path leads to an Associate, Bachelor, or Master’s degree. They also provide programs for an online degree.

    • Undergraduate – Southwestern Christian University offers degrees in Business, Education, Psychology, Performing Arts, and Theology. Their popular majors are in Business, Fitness Management, and Religious Vocations.
    • Graduate – They offer ten Master’s degrees; All are in Theology and Religious Vocations.
    • Online Programs – SCU also offers five Bachelor programs: Business Management, Christian Leadership, Human Services, Psychology, and  Liberal Studies.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – SCU requires a High School transcript with a minimum 2.0 GPA, or previous College credit hours completed. They also require ACT or SAT scores. The minimum for SAT is 900; ACT is 19.
    • Fees – There is no application fee.
    • Cost – The cost for undergraduates to attend Southwestern Christian University, before financial aid, is just under 20K per year.

The Final Word

Southwestern Christian University offers scholarships, grants, and loans to assist with financing a student’s education. In fact, over 98% of students receive some sort of financial assistance. There are also discounts if you meet certain criteria.

Attending college is a major milestone. A child is now an adult, and they are pursuing their dreams. Remember, following God’s call is of the utmost importance. Always go where God directs. Take the first step, and God will line up the path.  Therefore, spend time in prayer and talk to trusted friends and mentors. Through the consolidated effort, He will lead you, just as he led Isaiah and gave him the promise of lighting the way.

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