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Finding The Best College for Me: United Christian College

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Finding The Best College for Me: United Christian College
Finding The Best College for Me: United Christian College

Finding the right college is a difficult process. There are many to choose from. This will most likely be the first major decision of your young adult life.  United Christian College happens to be a smaller institution.  Small schools can be just as beneficial to your educational path and spiritual walk as an ivy league school. What matters is that you are following God’s call on your life.

About United Christian College

    • Location – This Eastern North Carolina college is in Goldsboro. It is about fifty miles southeast from Raleigh and sixty from the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Accreditation – United Christian College is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International; they offer students Associate and Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master of Religious Education, and a Diploma of Biblical studies.
    • Denomination Affiliation – The college is affiliated with the United Holy Church of America denomination.  This is a Pentecostal Holiness Christian denomination.

Campus Life

United Christian College is a distinct learning campus. There are no extra-curricular activities other than what the church organizes. However, this can be beneficial in that it helps lower the costs of tuition.

  • Living Accommodations – Being a small college, UCC does not offer campus housing for its students.
  • Population – The small college does not state its current attendance.
  • Spiritual Life – UCC is part of the Greater Walton United Holy Church located in Goldsboro. They have weekly Sunday and Wednesday services.

Popular Majors at United Christian College

The small college offers four programs with a focus on Biblical Studies. United Christian College has programs for Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degrees. In addition, they also offer an online program.

    • Undergraduate – First, UCC offers an Associate or Bachelor of Biblical Studies. These are the only two undergraduate degrees offered, however.
    • Graduate – Next, they offer a Master of Religious Education degree.
    • Ministerial Training Program – Finally, for those interested in only a certificate of learning, the college offers this program.  It provides a diploma in Biblical Studies.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – Firstly, UCC requires a High School transcript. However, they do not appear to have an ACT, CLT, or SAT score requirement. For that reason, double-check with the school to be sure.
    • Fees – Fortunately, there is a $35 application fee.
    • Cost – The cost for undergraduates to attend UCC, varies depending on the course of study. For the Master’s program, tuition is $150 per credit hour. For an Undergraduate degree, tuition is $50 per credit hour. Finally, the Ministerial Training Program is $260 per credit hour. Other fees apply. Therefore,  visit the website for details.

The Final Word

United Christian College offers financial aid to assist with funding education.

Colleges exist across our country, big and small. God has a calling on your life. However, you do not need a big-name school for your life to matter. Finding the right college is a major decision. Always follow God’s call and allow Him to lead you. Trust that He will guide and provide. Spend time in prayer and seek the advice of trusted friends and mentors. And as He gave guidance to Isaiah and revealed him the promise of lighting the way.

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