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Where is your FAITH in the RUINS?

Where is your FAITH in the RUINS?
Where is your FAITH in the RUINS?

The Ruins

Venturing through life can be fun. Learning new things, trying to expand our knowledge, challenging ourselves daily… It can be great! But what happens when we get caught in the ruins? What happens when all we have is our faith and all we want to do is curl up and escape? Those are the moments that you need to be prepared for. We as a generation must learn how to maintain our faith in the ruins.

Don’t listen to your mind

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of depression or anything that can possibly be negative in life is isolation. But why? Why is it that when you are in a depressed stage or just honestly stressed and exhausted, you want to be alone? Your mind is telling you that that is what you need to recover… DON’T ISOLATE YOURSELF. Surround yourself with people that love and care for you and be comforted. Love is the cure for a broken mind. 

Stay positive

You can have a ton of emotions running through your head as you are stuck in the ruins. Your ruins can be 110% different to everyone else’s so there is no real way to guarantee that what works for me will work for you but one thing I know that could potentially help us all is to understand the power of a positive mindset. Your whole attitude can shift with a positive mindset. That moment you tell yourself that you are special and loved and DESERVE happiness… You will find it.

The shift

The moment you find the confidence to know your worth and raise your head, smile through the pain and praise God through the heartache… That is the moment that your depression will halt, that is the moment that your ruins will be in ruins and that your life, love, and joy will become that outlet of hope that you have been searching for.

God loves you. He wants to hold you and tell you that you’re going to be alright and that you will NEVER be alone.

He just wants your permission. 


If that is you today and you know that you’re in need of hope, joy and a savior, I encourage you to pray with me. I encourage you to find love in Jesus and I know that He will hold you and never let you go.

While I can’t promise you instant physical healing or a mood shift, I can tell you, if. you follow Jesus today…  He will do what is best for you and stay by your side. 

Stay strong, pursue greatness and bring forth your faith in the ruins.

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