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Florida Church Is A ‘Complete Loss’ After Engulfed Flames

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Florida Church Is A ‘Complete Loss’ After Engulfed Flames
Florida Church Is A ‘Complete Loss’ After Engulfed Flames

A Florida Church is said to be a ‘complete loss’ after flames engulfed the building. Despite the circumstance, the Pastor had a moving message for us all.

Florida Church

First Baptist Church of Milligan in Baker, Florida was engulfed in flames Tuesday,  July 9th.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office said that a lightning strike during that day’s storms in the area most likely caused the blazing fire.

“Firefighters say #lightning may be behind a huge blaze that engulfed First Baptist Church of Milligan yesterday,” tweeted the Sheriff’s office.

Firefighters who responded to the incident did all they could to put out the raging fire. Gratefully, no injuries were reported.

The church building “looks likely to be a complete loss,” according to a post on the First Baptist Church of Milligan’s Facebook page.

The church is the people

This may be a tragic start to the month, but Pastor Smith, First Baptist Church’s pastor, preached a great message to his congregation and those in the community.

“The building may be gone but the Church is the people,” stated in Pastor Smith’s Facebook post.

Pastor Smith here. Church family this afternoon the First Baptist Church building burned and looks likely to be a…

Posted by First Baptist Church of Milligan on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

As it is stated in 1 Corinthians 3, we are the church and us individually members of it. The Church is not the building but it is the believers of Christ who gathered as one. We are the church and we can’t be destroyed by any fire, for God is for us.

The First Baptist Church of Milligan held their Sunday service at the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church of Baker. Pastor Smith expressed his gratitude to the “good folks” for helping them out and for their hospitality.

Let’s pray for the congregants of First Baptist Church, our brothers and sisters in our global church family.

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Reference: Fox News

Written by Rhoda Gayle

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