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Focus On The Family is Helping Families Thrive

Helping couples build strong marriages and healthy, resilient children for nearly half of a century.

Focus On The Family is Helping Families Thrive
Focus On The Family is Helping Families Thrive

As time marches on, we are witnessing the decline of the family unit. Today, we see more and more single-parent homes, children with four parents, or if both parents are present, little attention is paid to the child. It is no wonder why this generation lacks respect for authority figures – they have no security, so they become resentful of any adult that is around, even one that means to help. Focus On The Family aims to begin with the parents. When a marriage is strong, the family unit is strong. They believe that a healthy parent/child relationship is rooted in a devoted husband/wife relationship; all with Christ at the center.

Leadership Team

Focus On The Family was founded in 1977 by James Dobson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a ministry that preaches traditional family values. They aid parents to rely on Biblical principles in their marriage and in raising their children.

      • James Dobson – Dobson is a psychologist from Southern California. He founded the ministry and ran it until 2003. He stepped down of his leadership role but remained active until 2010 when he handed over the reins to Jim Daily. Today he is the head of another ministry he founded. He speaks on a radio show, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.
      • Jim Daily – Daily has been with the ministry for 30 years. He began as an assistant to the president and worked his way around the ministry as director and eventually vice president of the International Division. He also served as chief operating officer and then selected to be the next president of the organization.

Ministry Arms

Focus On The Family has always based its teaching on traditional Biblical values. While in today’s society, these are extremely controversial, they maintain their stance in defense of the Christ-centered family. They provide resources to build healthy marriages and for parents to raise children with morals and a scripture-based value system.

Among these resources are:

      • Daily Broadcast – A daily 30-minute radio program hosted by Jim Daily that encourages parents and families in daily life. Topics range from how to strengthen your marriage to understanding your teenager.
      • Adventures in Odyssey – This weekly program is targeted at children 8 – 12. It spreads the message of faith and Christian values through the adventures of the children living in Odyssey. The central place children meet is at the local ice cream shop, Whit’s End. Children come to Whit for advice, and each episode has a central theme to teach children about life lessons. It first aired in 1988, aimed to be an alternative to Saturday morning cartoons. It still airs today, and the animated version can be found on GOD TV on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM.
      • Boundless – Young Adult programming aimed to give a Biblical structure to life events from dating to the journey of becoming independent.
      • Wait No More – A resource that reaches out to families that have adopted children, and help point those who want to adopt in the right direction.
      • Topic-Based Podcasts – Topics include marriage and parenting. The messages provide tips and encouragement to husbands and wives, moms and dads to have a deeper connection with each other and their children.
      • Plugged In – A thirty-second spot that gives a review of current movies, video games, and music. They rate these media sources based on how family, or kid, friendly they are.

 Global Outreach

The Focus On The Family ministry reaches not only U.S. residents but has a global impact.

      • Associate Offices – 12 different countries have local offices that help spread the ministry resources, from the daily radio broadcast to Adventures in Odyssey. The international offices also create their own ministry opportunities in the country they serve with targeted messages according to the area’s culture.
      • No Apologies – Another ministry aimed at teens up to 22-year-olds. This curriculum is abstinence-based and means to teach the next generation the truth about “life, love, and sex.” This program shows that promiscuity is not only an American issue; it is a world-wide problem.


GOD TV and Focus On The Family

God TV airs Adventures in Odyssey on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM.

You can also find Focus On The Family produced movies through GOD TV On Demand. The docu-movie Irreplaceable is available now for you to watch. It asks the question, “Does family matter?” In the middle of today’s ever-evolving definition of what a family is, the hosts desire to “recover, renew, and reclaim” the conversation of family.

For 42 years Focus On The Family has served to communicate the importance of placing God in the family. Amidst our daily schedules, it becomes difficult to spend time together; to build into the parent/child relationship. The lessons learned through the tools this ministry provides supports their promise of “helping families thrive in Christ.”

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