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“Follow Your Heart” to the Movies

“Follow Your Heart” to the Movies
“Follow Your Heart” to the Movies

A moving story about family, reconciliation, and stepping out in faith, “Follow Your Heart” will have you longing to go back to your roots and ground yourself in the simplicities of life, love, and family.


After leaving Amish country as a teen before committing to the church, Katrina “Kathy” Yoder, finds herself as an established travel writer, with a life full of adventure alongside her travel show host boyfriend, Jack Burly. 


But when she begins to feel a longing in her heart to pursue a different path, Kathy begins a journey with an ending she could never have foreseen. What she plans as time off to spend with her boyfriend takes a turn when a family crisis arises and Kathy finds herself back in her Amish hometown, mourning the loss of her father while trying to mend her broken relationship with her sister. 


While there, Kathy rekindles a friendship with her first love, Isaac, who she finds has similar passions as her–poetry. Through reading poetry and spending time together, Kathy begins to develop deeper feelings for Isaac and his family. But the difference in their religion proves to be a harsh divide when Kathy pushes Isaac to share his work with others. 


Then, when a familiar face arrives in town, Kathy must choose between going back to life in the fast lane and co-hosting a travel show with Jack or staying in her hometown with the ones she loves. 


Will her Amish community welcome her home, or will Kathy find herself going back to her exhausting work that she no longer finds fulfilling? Will her decision bring her closer to Isaac or end up tearing them apart for good?


Full of passion, poetry, and a longing for simplicity in a world of busyness, “Follow Your Heart” speaks to the conflict many of us silently hold in our hearts. In the midst of busy schedules, family responsibilities, and set careers that pay the bills but have lost their spark, do we have what it takes to follow our heart, take a risk, and change the course of our story?


You can journey with Kathy by watching her story unfold during the “Follow Your Heart” Premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.  Tune in on Sunday, October 4th at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST. 


To see more about the movie and the cast, go to


And watch a trailer here! https://youtu.be/troZRMLc_i0

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