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A ‘Forbidden Chapter’ In The Hebrew Bible? After Reading It, Jews Acknowledge Jesus As Messiah

One of the reasons why Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus is because they claim that He didn’t fulfil the Messianic Prophecies. But do you know that there’s a “forbidden chapter” in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) that’s been hidden from many Jews all these years? This could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jewish people.

When Jews are asked to read the forbidden chapter in the Hebrew Bible, their reactions are priceless. In the video above from the Yeshua Project, it’s apparent that they acknowledge Jesus is the Messiah and that’s a rare scene!

Isaiah 53 used to be read in the synagogues as part of the Haftarah (yearly reading), but rabbis decided to take it out of the reading. Today it’s considered by many Jews as “forbidden”.

In the video above, when people are asked, “Have you ever heard about it?” most of their responses are, “I haven’t.”

People are curious about what has been hidden from the Tanakh and are quite prepared to read Isaiah 53 out loud. Most Jewish people have never read this chapter since it’s not read anymore in the synagogues. Yet Isaiah 53 is a very important prophecy about who the Messiah would be.

After reading the chapter, they realize the impact it brings. Here are some of their responses:

  • “He took all of the pain, all of the suffering, and all of the diseases upon Himself. And in spite of that, they rejected Him.”
  • “He did good to us, and basically we repaid Him with evil.”
  • “He suffered because of us. Basically, because of our transgressions that we commit – He suffered that pain.”
  • “He gave of Himself for us, suffered for us, took our disease and all our sins upon Himself.”
  • “So basically, they blamed Him for things He didn’t do, and He was punished for it… Interesting.”
  • “He died, but not an honorable death.”
  • “I got it. According to the verses, He will absorb our sickness and evil, and that will heal us. He will basically be a person who is punished, He will take upon Himself all of the…Ok”

It’s amazing to see that people are coming to Christ, even when the truth has been hidden from them. Watch the video to the end to see a surprising twist!

The Yeshua Project

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This article was written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

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