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Former Drug Addict Gets Freed From Fear And Addiction

"I wonder if He’s ever going to come and find me."

Former Drug Addict Gets Freed From Fear And Addiction
Former Drug Addict Gets Freed From Fear And Addiction

A former drug addict lived the majority of his life in fear, but God set him free from fear and addiction.

Daz Chettle

In an episode of the Moving Mountains series, Daz Chettle of the Global Gospel Movement shared his testimony of how God freed him from his dark past. When he was just six, he heard words from his grandfather that stirred up fear in his heart.

Starting at a very young age, he hated himself, he tried to take his own life and turned to drugs and sex to find healing for his broken heart. But during one of his darkest moments, God stepped into his life and set him free.

Former Drug Addict

Former Drug Addict

Daz attended a church to meet girls, but little did he knew that God would show up that night.

“He said Jesus was a good shepherd and he left 99 sheep to go and find the one. I just thought to myself, just this tiny little thought, I thought, ‘I wonder if He’s ever come and find me.’ As I thought that in my head, I physically felt the manifest presence of God wash over me. That night changed my life,” he reminisced.

Freed from fear & addiction

From being a fearful drug addict, God turned his life around and made him a son.

“I walked into that church a broken, fearful, scared, drug addict,” Daz added. I walked out of that church a son, I walked out of that church free.”

Daz urges everyone to move the mountain of fear in their lives.

“If fear is a massive mountain in your life, call on the name of the Lord.”

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